Monday, April 20, 2015

And Finally, a Goodbye!

I turned away from this blog with no explanation. It is probably because I am incapable of explaining.
by Charlie Leck

First, I must apologize; then I must try to explain my sudden abandonment of my blog.
I do apologize, wholeheartedly, and admit that my sudden and unexplained departure was foolish and I was indeed negligent. I knew full-well that I had many, many friends who regularly looked in on my blogs and quite a few frequent readers who also gave kind and thoughtful consideration to my opinions.

With that sincere apology in place, I would like to explain the reasons why I gave up blogging without appropriately departing.

As the pre-election polling results of the 2014 fall voting began to pour in, I became very despondent and angry. I felt enormous sorrow that so many Americans were beginning to find nourishment in the words and opinions of ultra-conservative Americans who I felt were foolish and often questionably motivated. America’s dash to the right at a time when moderation and courage were so desperately needed unhinged me in a very thorough manner.

I still find it difficult to believe the direction that America seems to be taking. It is a dash away from reasonableness as far as I am concerned. I absolutely believe that greed is playing a large part in the construction of a new America that is quickly lowering the standard of its original, founding values.

For the last six months, I have dramatically increased my reading of and about Thomas Jefferson and his impact on the other founding fathers of the nation. The current attitudes of the country and its growing number of modern-libertarians and Tea Party-like conservatives stands in direct opposition to the libertarianism of Jefferson.

America has become a plutocracy that benefits the few over the many. Though moderates and liberals attempt to stand up to this onslaught of the power of money and finances, it is clear that the bulk of Americans are beginning to believe that the Tea Party and the libertarian movement are on to something.

The true American dream is threatened. And I, with enormous cowardice, abandon my goal of writing two more essays describing this current America. I will simply stand with Bernie Sanders and his current description of the decay of this dream. If you don’t read his regular remarks you are missing important stuff.

With Senator Sanders, I am astonished that the U.S. Supreme Court could uphold and promote the idea that corporations are on the same level as common people and need to be given equal consideration under the law.

I agree with the Senator that the military-industrial complex, about which Dwight D. Eisenhower so strenuously warned us, is now a total reality and is upon us. Unfortunately, it will have to be fed and nourished on more international conflicts and wars – and with more and more money.

Racism is more rampant in American than it has been since the early 1900s. The gains for which we fought so nobly under Dr. Martin Luther King are being slowly, but undeniably, erased. Voting rights, about which and for which Dr. King so courageously fought, are in real and imminent danger.

And I seethe about this deterioration of the American dream. I have lost so much hope. The desperation of the condition of America exhausts me. I am no longer up to the fight and the pain that it causes.

I cannot continue writing about it. I abandon my place on the watch and slink instead into the lush comfort of avoiding all truth.

I limit my writing now to only a paragraph here and there on my feeble Facebook page and in my own personal diary. It is what I have come to. I now only casually observe the continuation of America’s great and frightening period of utter selfishness. The common man has not lost his grasp on power, but he has abandoned all responsibility.

Now, officially, I put to rest this humble blog on which I have made over 2,000 entries. I simply can say no more than I have already said; and when such a time comes one must cease and desist.

To those who have wondered, I am in very good health and I believe that is true both mentally and physically. I read a great deal. I try to exercise regularly. I volunteer here and there for causes I believe are important. I am devoted to my wife. I am happy in my isolation.


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