Friday, April 20, 2007

War Decisions Loom

Coming week will highlight direction of Iraq war
by Charlie Leck [20 April 2007]

One senses the build up! Senator Harry Reid made some very strong statements today about the futility of the war in Iraq. He sees it getting far worse as long as there is an American presence in that nation. The President is vowing to veto any bill that puts an end-date on the war. The Congress is threatening not to give him a funding bill without such a date.

This, of course, is the wonder of a divided government. Such circumstances lead to real debate and consideration of possibilities. Try to ignore the high winds next week and concentrate instead on the calmer breezes where real deliberation and give and take will happen -- where compromise is likely to happen if the President has an ounce of diplomacy in him (something he hasn't shown to date).

The Republican Senators will be worth watching also -- especially those who will be up for reelection in 2008. They clearly recognize how unpopular this war is and how low the President's approval rating is. They will need to cast their votes carefully.

The President will bellow a great deal, but he knows the handwriting is on the wall. Believe me, he knows! This war can not go on much longer. The violence builds everyday. So do the exhibitions of hate for America all over the world. We have lost our position as world leader and we probably need to regain enough respect to assume that role again.

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