Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Car 12 Turns Toward Paris

The current run
through Poland
by Charlie Leck [26 June 2007]

Car #12 is shown refueling while on the run to Gdansk.

Car #12, about which we all have such concern, has turned toward Paris. Both the drivers and the car seem to have gathered refreshed strength. Today, as I write this, the rally is at a rest stop in Gdansk, in northern Poland. If you're as old as I, you probably remember this city by its German name, Danzig. It lies on the southern tip of the Baltic Sea. The weather there, at this time of year, should be spectacular.

I remember the industrical city of Gdansk most for its famous Solidarity leader, Lech Walesa. He and Solidarity played a major role in ending the communist rule in Poland. Walesa will always be held in great honor in this city by the sea.

Car #12 has covered more than 6,774 miles since it left Beijing, much of it over rough and rugged ground. It has only 1,101 miles left before the exciting parade into Paris on the 30th of June.

Keep your fingers crossed and keep on hoping and hoping. The glorious moment may soon be at hand. Check back here to find out about my feelings on that grand day.

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