Sunday, August 19, 2007

Three Great Candidates for President of the United States

Any one of the three makes me happy as can be!
by Charlie Leck

Well, my friends, I’m beside myself. I know I have one good friend out there who reads these blog regularly who is saying: “It not beside yourself you are, my crazy friend!” He just can’t understand how ecstatic I am to have three candidates for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States of America who all make me so happy and please me so much. Give me John Edwards, or Hillary or Barack and I care not! All three, or each of the three, are spectacular candidates for whom I will vote with the greatest amount of enthusiasm that I have had for many years.

Under the administration of any one of the three, the nation will be in good hands and we can move to solve some of the morass of problems we are facing, many of which have been created by a silly philosophy of political conservatism.

In order, I think those problems are as follows:

1. Solving the health care delivery problems
our nation has, making sure that high quality health care is available to everyone and not just to the wealthy.
2. Fixing the crumbling infrastructure of the nation – a project that has been postponed by conservatives for far too long.
3. Reenergizing our educational system in such a way that it becomes the finest in the entire world – recognizing that the world is indeed “flat” and that we must compete against those nations who are now providing higher quality educations for their young people.
4. Preparing our nation to be immediately responsive to crisis situations wherever and whenever they occur, meeting these events head on and with strategic plans that have been carefully crafted in advance.
5. Readjusting the balance of wealth, recognizing that there is nothing wrong with wealth, but making sure that wealth is not unfairly balanced on the backs of unfair and unjust poverty.
6. Attacking the causes of poverty and destroying those causes at the roots.
7. Establishing programs that will attack the root causes of crime and reduce violence in America.

It is time for the United States to reclaim its position as the greatest, fairest and most just nation on the face of the earth. Under any of the candidates I’ve mentioned, it will.

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