Friday, September 7, 2007


Lutein, the wonder supplement
by Charlie Leck

Do you know what Lutein is? Hmm. Very interesting. Neither do I. Or, at least, I didn't until very recently. Now, I feel it is one of my callings to introduce you to Lutein and all the benefits it might provide you. However, allow me to do this in a quite round-about way.

My story begins sometime over five years ago at a very formal ball in a very formal ballroom. I was all packed up in an outfit called "white tie and tails." I happened to own such an outfit because I was at one time in my relative youth elected into a fairly distinguished gentlemen's association called The Coaching Club. One of our silly traditions was to own a common suit of daytime clothing and a common set of white tie and tails (handsomely tailored in New York). The fact that this is one of the most ghastly ensembles of men's clothing that the mind could devise is quite beside the point. As a matter of fact, it is not at all the point and has nothing to do with what I am getting at here.

It was a committee of The Fifties Club that put this particular ball together and anyone invited to it was to feel overwhelmed with gratitude. Properly, I was. We were! Said committee, however, had several very zany ideas for this ball; one of which was to assign you to a dinner partner of the opposite sex and seat you far away from the woman with whom you actually came to the ball (my wife). Another of the committee's ideas was a dance card filled with the names of ladies one needed to seek out at particular times and with whom one was expected to dance. Quite fortunately, most of mine were with ladies in excess of 80 years of age who found it difficult to rise from their chairs let alone waltz around the room with me, and so they declined.

Back, however, to my dinner partner and to the matter of Lutein. I sat with a very charming lady of approximately my age who was the wife of the CEO of one of the world's wonder companies in medical device invention and manufacture. During the evening she explained to me the wonders of Lutein, especially its benefit in preventing macular degeneration. Her salesmanship impressed me totally.

The following day I was in the health store buying an enormous supply of Lutein and I have, without fail, taken my prescribed dose every single day since the morning after the spectacular ball. I do not have macular degeneration or any symptoms of it.

Fast forward! In recent weeks I had the occasion to meet up with said lady again. This time it was at a lovely, rather formal picnic with lots of the kinds of people with whom one occasionally enjoys hob-knobbing. When I saw her out on a terrace and confronted her in mid-conversation with some other ladies, I profusely thanked her for her now years old recommendation to take Lutein. She looked at me oddly and asked me very seriously: "What is Lutein?"

I was aghast! I wanted to pursue the matter further, but the lady returned with haste to her previous conversation.

Excuse me!

I returned to the corner of the yard where my wife was discussing with some gentleman the physics and physiques of various breeds of jumping horses and I waited patiently to interrupt her.

"She doesn't remember a damn thing about Lutein," I said. "I've been taking this expensive stuff for over five years and she doesn't even remember recommending it to me. As a matter of fact, she doesn't even know what the shit is! Excuse me very much, Mr. Ramblestonstein!"

My wife giggled.

"But I've paid a fortune for the stuff over the years on her recommendation alone."

"You do not have macular degeneration," my wife said, smiling coyly.

"I've already mentioned that to my readers," said I.

The next morning – the one following the lovely picnic – I took my vitamins and included with them my daily dose of Lutein. I ambled off to my computer and went on-line in search of some information about Lutein. Low and behold, I found the Lutein Information Bureau and I recommend it to you.

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