Sunday, February 21, 2010

Traditional Foods of Minnesota

A local home-made brewers club held a little meeting right next door to our Sheepy Hollow booth. They were nice guys who had been taught to share.

Buyers and sellers all seemed ready with a friendly smile!

On some Saturdays they turn the big warehouse into a farmer's market.

Badinage is a part of the "schtick" of Warren Burgess, one of the volunteers at Traditional Foods of Minnesota

This market is a wonderful idea by some very nice and cheery people. I wish them luck and hope the whole idea really works!
by Charlie Leck

We spent a full day yesterday showing off my wife's wonderful meat product. It was tiring, but it was also fun because the people who run Traditional Foods of Minnesota make it fun, led by Warren Burgess, a jocose guy who seems able to be in dozens of places at once without seeming overly busy. This is clearly a labor of love for Warren, whose business card informs us he has a B.Sc, B.E., Ph.D, and also a post doctoral degree.

The neat thing about a day like this is that it enables you to make lots of new friends, and that we did.

The lamb stew we spent so much time on went over extremely well and our business was brisk.

For those of you who don't know about Traditional Foods of Minnesota, we urge you to visit its web site and get out to visit the warehouse at 302 61st St W, just off Lyndale Avenue in south Minneapolis.

Tyler (left) stopped by our booth to try some of our lamb stew!

Some home made Italian style breads!

Products of all kinds and types were packed into the roomy warehouse!

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