Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sunday Morning Wisdom

Sometimes, someone puts it just right and says it all!
by Charlie Leck

I worked my way through the local Sunday morning newspaper and leafed through the Washington Post as well. Commenting on the current campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination, someone got it just right (it may have been Gail Collins). It was a reminder to both Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz that this is NOT a campaign for junior class president

The level to which the Cruz-Trump fight has sunk is, indeed, hard to believe!

Are there really Americans who are taking this stuff seriously?

Can you imagine what citizens of civilized nations are thinking?

Do these two candidates realize there are currently very serious and frightening international developments?

How can women in America take these two boobs seriously?

I am waiting for one of these two jerks to just lose it and start crying while the other goes on and on with: Naa... naa… naa, naa, naa!

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