Friday, April 8, 2016

The Name of God is Mercy!

The Pope – the spiritual and intellectual head of the Roman Catholic Church – is on to something. It comes, I think, from his Jesuit Training. It will, I also think, be good for the church in the long run, but it will cause some tribulation until the dust settles and nervous Roman Catholics see how good this man is for the church and its future.
by Charlie Leck

A new book by the Pope will be released in English very soon: The Name of God is Mercy! How wonderful! How hopeful!

The Pope has already declared this time as a Holy Year of Mercy. I, personally, have always found some sense of belief and faith in the concept of God as Love; and I don’t mean that God is loving, merciful and kind. I mean, fully, that “God is Love!”

Those who can love, show kindness and mercy, give assistance to their friends and the needy, treat the earth with caution and care, they (those who love) can know God.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, even before he became Pope Francis, has always shown an inclination toward this kind of theology. He has always expressed such deep concern about the desperate need for forgiveness and mercy. For years his ministry was among the poor in Buenos Aires.

This is a Pope who is Christ-like!

He knows that the heart and soul of the message that Jesus brought to us is that we must be merciful and kind in order to know God. These compassionate human traits are so much more important than dogma and complex theology.

How shall we know God? Those who love fully and are merciful in all their ways do not even need to ask the question. They have known God and God is in them.


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