Friday, June 3, 2016

The Case against Donald Trump

Here are some strong bullet-points in the case against Donald Trump. Spread them around one-by-one if you care to; however, be sure not to swallow!
by Charlie Leck

  •  Stephen Hawking, the physicist, author and genius of matters relating to the cosmos and a gentle comedian, had something remarkable to say the other day as an explanation of one of the greatest cosmic mysteries: “I can’t… He is a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
  •   Something else Hawking said intrigued me more, suggesting that history is pushing Britain toward a deeper union of nations for both security and trade: “Gone are the days we could stand on our own against the world. We need to be a part of a larger group of nations, both for our security and our trade.” I think it is time for America to begin thinking about such matters as well and a true union of North American nations might make sense as well. However, Donald Trump’s terrible talk about America makes it difficult to build a case for such an alliance of nations.
  •   Retired Army Col. Peter Mansoor, a long time Republican, will not vote for Donald Trump. “He just thinks Republican Donald Trump is too dangerous to be President.” [Anne Gearan in the 6-1-2016 Washington Post]
  •   Former President of Trump University (the bogus disaster) testified under oath that Donald Trump was significantly involved in crafting the advertising for that institution that cost unsuspecting individuals thousands of dollars. Documents released by the District Court portray Trump University (TU) as a pretty sleazy place. Instructors were told to attempt to steer students toward the most expensive courses. In advertisements for TU, Donald Trump claimed he was over-seeing the curriculum and that the faculty would be “hand-picked by me.”
  •  North Korea has officially endorsed Donald Trump in his election efforts to become President of the United States.
  •  In a May 31, 2016 editorial, the Washington Post referred to Donald Trump as “Bully-in-Chief!”
  •  Trump recently referred to Indiana-born jurist, Judge Gonzalo Curiel as a “Mexican” and “a hater.” This particular judge is overseeing a case against one of Mr. Trump’s businesses.
  • Trump has wondered aloud if more countries shouldn’t be permitted to stock nuclear weapons.
  • One must remember that our founding fathers, including Thomas Jefferson, warned us that Democracy – this Democratic Republic –is fragile and hangs “as if on a thread!”
  •  In an opinion piece in the June 1, 2016, StarTribune (Minneapoilis), Rolf Westgard comments about Donald Trump’s call “to restore coal to its former glory.” He writes: “Trump is not concerned about CO2 emissions and global warming; he had stated earlier that the ‘concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing noncompetitive.” … “The Trump plan would also cut off all U.S. funding for the United Nations climate programs and cancel U.S. agreements under the Paris climate accord.”
  • Thomas Friedman wrote this week in the NY Times: “Indeed, when Donald Trump tells the truth, it should be labeled “Breaking News – Trump tells truth without immediately contradicting himself. We’re going live to the scene right now.”
  •  New York Daily News on May 31, 2016, called Donald Trump “a thin-skinned liar who can’t take the heat!”
  •  The Republican Governor of Michigan has said he will not support Donald Trump. The state’s Lieutenant Governor, Brian Calley, has said he will support Trump.
  •  Republican hot-shots are starting to come out of the closet with announcement that they will not attend the Republican National Convention. They include Jeb Bush and Senator Lindsey Graham (SC). Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has indicated he probably won’t make it either. The NY Times says that “just about” every U.S. Senator in a close race will avoid the convention. Senator John McCain (AZ) is one of the prominent senators who will avoid the convention.
  •  Conservative columnist David Brooks, whom I greatly admire, wrote the following opinion in the June 3, 2016 edition of the NY Times: “In this election we’ve been ignoring the parts of America that are working well and wallowing in the parts that are fading. This has led to a campaign season driven by fear, resentment and pessimism. And it will lead to worse policy-making down the road, since prosperity means building on things we do well, not obsessing over the things that we’ve lost…. The person chiefly responsible for this all-warts view of America is, of course, Donald Trump.”
  • Paul Krugman (granted, a liberal columnist), in his June 16, 2016 column, gave this explanation of why the Natural Resource Defense Council has already endorsed Hillary Clinton for the presidency.: “At this point Donald Trump’s personality endangers the whole planet."
  • A letter written to the NY Times (David Swanger from Santa Cruzz, CA) on June 16, 2016 suggests a new slogan for the Hillary Clinton campaign: “Sanity!” He says, “Sanity embraces all the qualities that you bring to the campaign and counters Mr. Trump’s boasting, blasting and bloviating.”
  • If I had to declare the very dumbest thing Donald Trump has said in his campaign, it would be this (in reference to Mexicans}: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems to us. They’r bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” Hispanics now constitute 17 percent of the U.S. population. Not too smart, Mr. Trump – not too smart!
All of this is remarkable. In a normal year one would not hesitate to predict a devastating defeat for Donald Trump in the national election. This, however, is not anything close to a normal year.

Work – in any way you can – to defeat Donald Trump!


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  1. Unfortunately his supporters are incapable of understanding what any intelligent person has concluded. The scary thing is that there so many determined to ruin this country.