Monday, November 18, 2013


Don’t care about sports? Care about this and give it its due consideration and respect! The University of Minnesota women’s hockey team lost a hockey game over the weekend. The fans of the team, including my wife and I, can’t stop cheering for them. Here’s why?
by Charlie Leck

I’m telling you, that was some run! I don’t know whether a streak anything like it has ever been produced in sports – certainly not in hockey, my friends.

The University of North Dakota defeated the Gopher’s women’s hockey team yesterday (Sunday) by a score of 3 goals to 2. It’s done. It’s over. The pressure is finally off the women; but what they did is absolutely historic and mind boggling.

The women won 62 consecutive games without a loss. It is the longest winning streak in college hockey (men or women). At the conclusion of this game, the fans stood and applauded and applauded and cheered and cheered. Praise, gratitude and love rained down on the Gopher women. Last season they were the national champions and had a record of 41 wins and zero defeats. It is an accomplishment that boggles the mind.

The winning team on Sunday tried to celebrate in proper and jubilant fashion, but they were overwhelmed and set politely aside as the Gopher fans in their home arena dampened the feeling of defeat and then put it out all together. This was no loss. This was a moment to celebrate their historic and amazing accomplishment.

Bang! Bang! Bang! North Dakota, a great hockey school, scored all three of their goals in the first period; and they were all scored by freshmen who hadn’t been in college and around for the Gopher’s historic run last year. The meaning wasn’t there for them and they didn’t understand the wild celebration of joy that surround the Gopher women. The victorious team just stood by there in Ridder Arena, on the U of M campus, and watched the celebration of love that surrounded the team they just defeated.

The Gophers played heroically after those first three goals were scored against them and they fought valiantly in trying to pull defeat out of the jaws of victory.

This morning I pour out a heart full of love to this team for what it accomplished and how beautifully and graciously they did it. They made collegiate sports history that may just stand unequaled forever.

Ski-U-Mah! Rah! Rah! Rah!


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