Friday, November 8, 2013

The Vote in Minneapolis

Minneapolis had a wonderful turnout in its election on Tuesday. The results are clear and they were youth driven. I think Minneapolis will be in very good hands. Go mayor-elect Betsey Hodges!
by Charlie Leck

In Minnesota,
50 of 57 school districts won voter approval for new or renewed property tax levies to pay for school operations. If you are concerned about deteriorating educational systems, this has to be good news. Is it that there is a revived concern about the quality of education in the state? Or is it just a sign of a vastly improved economy.

In Minneapolis
A new mayor and seven new city councilpersons were elected in Minneapolis. All of them would have to be called young and vigorous supporters of improving the quality of urban life. And, they appear to be supporters of a spirit of diversity and openness. Among the new council members is one born in Latin America, one born in East Africa and one born in Southeast Asia. The results make me optimistic about Minnesota’s major and very important urban center. I have always believed that our state is only as strong as this important urban hub. Minneapolis is truly one of our nation’s finest cities and this election makes me feel very positive about its future.


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