Monday, July 7, 2014

Find out about Rhonda Sivarajah for the Sixth District

It’s not the easiest lastname in the world to deal with, but it might be somewhat memorable if she can win the August 12 primary over Tom Emmer.
by Charlie Leck
We can wildly hope that conservatives in the Sixth Congressional District want a real conservative and not a right-wing-nut-job; for Rhonda Sivarajah sounds like a stable, solid conservative who is ready to give Republicans some leadership and not just negative opposition.
An August 12th primary in the Sixth Congressional District will test whether Ms. Sivarajah or any sane Republican can get the nod from GOP voters in that district.
I’m a Democrat. I would not pretend otherwise, but I hope Republicans will give this woman a bit of consideration. She sounds like a reasonable and hard-working person to me. I wish her nothing but the best of luck.
And you folks over in the Sixth, prove to me you are reasonable and rational and that you want good government.
I heard from people who back Ms. Sivarajah following my blog about Tom Emmer. You want to know something? They were kind, reasonable, cogent and properly concerned citizens. It proves to me that the Sixth can rise above Michele Bachmann.
Keep your chin up, over there, Ms. Sivarajah, because Tom Emmer has a history of imploding and self-destructing and he just might do it again. If you have any debates with him, meet his rudeness and anger with good cheer and politeness. It’s something he doesn’t understand!


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