Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Trump’s Business Nonsense

There can be no denial that Donald Trump is running on his business record! Right? You’ve heard him boasting of everything from steaks to wine and a university named after him.
by Charlie Leck

If Donald trump really runs on his business record and business acumen, we are pretty safe --- he’ll never get elected…

You can list a host of Trump biz endeavors that went bust! Trump is a jokester when it comes to biz! He ain’t got it! If he does to the nation what he did to all these biz ventures then the country is on its way to being a bust! Here’s a partial list of his failures (thanks to….

Trump Steaks didn’t go over very big at all. They were sold through Sharper Image
and that company’s CEO said they sold barely any steaks at all – maybe $50,000 worth.
A bust!
Go Trump was an on-line travel search engine – highlighting “Trump Picks.”  The site
shut down after a year of trying but failing.
Trump Airlines was a gigantic bust. In 1988 Trump paid $365 million for 17 Boeing
727s and added real maple trim and gold bathroom fixtures. In 1992 Trump defaulted
on the loans he took out to buy the planes.
Trump Vodka was launched in 2006 and managed to stay in business for 5 years. The
vodka went out of production in 2011.
Trump Mortgage was also launched in 2006 (a terrible time to get in the mortgage
business) and the home loan industry crash in 2007 and 2008 proved it. The company
went out of business after 19 months.
Trump the Game came out in 1989 as a joint venture with Milton Bradleyand hung
around for only a year. Gawker tells us “you can still buy a lightly used version of the
game for… $69 on Amazon.
Trump Magazine began publishing in 2007. You remember, don’t you, that this was a
very bad business year. The magazine was aimed at high end readers and consumers. Advertisers weren’t very interested in the Trump opportunity.
Trump University is one of the Donald’s more famous failures. It was started to teach
real estate business strategies to people who paid huge sums and got very little for what
they paid. Many of them are still suing the Donald on this one. It lasted for 5 years.
Trump Ice was a bottle water venture started in 2004. It lasted for less than a year.
The New Jersey Generals lasted for two football seasons (1984-1985) in the United
States Football League. The new league was supposed to compete with the NFL. It
Tour de Trump launched in 1989 attempted to establish bike races similar to the Tour
de France.  After two years of bike races from Albany to Atlantic City, Trump sold out
the organization to DuPont (which promptly took Trump’s name off it).
Trump of the Ocean was a restaurant and catering business that opened in 2012. It
was located in Jones Beach (Long Island) and it was taken out by Hurricane Sandy in
that same year.
Trump Network launched in 2009 to sell vitamins produced by Ideal Health, a
company Trump bought the same year. The ads for the vitamins were grossly
exaggerated and the company went out of business within two years.
Trumped was a radio show launched in 2004. Office Depot sponsored the two
minute long show that featured Donald Trump talking about whatever came into his
head (and we know where that leads). One segment was titled “No More Viagra for
Rapists!”  It hung around for four years. Why, oh why did it ever fail? I don’t
Trump New Media was to be launched in 1998 but it never got off the ground. It
planned to provide high speed internet connections. The competition proved too stiff.

This is only a short list of his failures. One could go on and on with even more, but you get the idea. Just imagine what Donald Trump could do to the country.


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