Saturday, May 7, 2016

“Who’da thunk It?”

I’ve come up with a pretty clear picture of Donald Trump. In case you don’t know it, he will run in November as the Republican candidate for President of the United States (POTUS). I absolutely cannot believe it! And I just cannot imagine it! I underestimated the stupidity of a large percentage of the Republican Party – and a large part of the general public. I could never have imagined that either would do this! So, I’ve tried to draw myself a picture of Donald Trump, as closely as I can depict him; and what I’ve come up with isn’t pretty. We have a strange, narcissistic and psychologically imbalanced man who wants to be our president!by Charlie Leck

Since restarting this blog as a way of releasing frustrations, I’ve generally failed both at my predictions and at ridding myself of anger and aggravation.

What rankles me most is that Donald Trump doesn’t mind being a liar, a prevaricator. That makes him a very dangerous person.

I’m also upset that Trump believes almost everything he hears if it will be beneficial to him for those things to be true.

Someone I read in the last day or two compared Donald Trump to Ted Nugent. Do you remember that jerk? Nugent was blatant about calling President Obama “a subhuman mongrel” and once told him to “suck on my machine gun!” Nugent also suggested that President Obama be lynched.

I’ve met and gotten to know people like Donald Trump. These people say whatever pops into their heads without any kind of filtering. They’ll most often preface what they say with something like… “I’ve heard that…” or “someone told me that…” so they don’t personally get charged with slander or lying.

Then I must talk of narcissism! Donald Trump is a narcissist and there is great danger in that. When Donald Trump looks into a mirror, he doesn’t see the image that is staring back at him. He sees something far beyond that and his mind is able to block out any of the big or little defects he sees in himself. That is what narcissism is!

The danger of narcissism in one who is a leader is frightening!

Jeb Bush, who dropped out of the race, was absolutely correct when he said that Trump lacked “the temperament or strength of character” needed by a president. None of the gentlemen Bush fellows will endorse Donald Trump. Mrs. Bush is said to be terribly angry and upset about the Trump candidacy.

Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, South Carolina, said this week that Mr. Trump was unfit to be commander-in-chief.

John McKager Stipanovich, a lobbyist and loyal Republican fund-raiser said it will be difficult to get financial support for the Trump candidacy.

“Obviously, Trump has spent an awful lot of time in the last year disparaging people like that!”
Stipanovich wonders if the Trump workers will eventually come crawling on their knees to the party, begging for help! I wonder if they will get such help and I admit quite freely that they probably will – in return for certain promises!

One of the great dangers of the Trump run is…
its impact on House members and U.S. Senators up for reelection. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, worries that Trump may be a drag on the rest of the ticket.

There are a whole bunch of Trump mistakes that the electorate will be reminded about. Here are a few…
  • Trumps attacks on Muslims and Hispanics
  • The David Duke fiasco
  • The abortion exchange with Chris Matthews (criminality of abortion)

I am unsettled, and I believe many, many Americans are also, about how seriously Mr. Trump takes the office and the power it presents him. President Obama wondered last week if Trump understand that “...this is not entertainment! This is not a reality show!”

Former Republican Governor of Texas, Rick Perry described the Trump campaign as a “barking carnival act” and said Trump was a “cancer on conservatism!” Now Perry is wondering if he might be Trump’s running mate.

Former Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal, while still in the race himself, called Trump “dangerous” and a narcissist and an egomaniac.” Now he’s endorsed Trump, but admitted he wasn’t “happy about it!”

Senator Rand Paul, Republican Senator from Kentucky said: “Donald Trump is a delusional narcissist and an orange-faced windbag. A speck of dirt is more qualified to be President.”

Trump has been particularly rough and profane when talking about one of my favorite Americans – Senator Elizabeth Warren – calling her a “goofus” and a “basket case.” It might be because Senator Warren has been one of Trump’s biggest critics, vowing a strong fight to keep him out of the White House.

“Donald Trump has built his campaign,” Senator Warren said, “on racism, sexism and xenophobia!”  She also talked about the enthusiasm that exists for Trump among the leaders of the KKK.

What I and all of Trump’s detractors must realize is that he is very good at dictating the “terms of engagement.” He is a manipulator par excellance. He always tries to get his opponents talking about what he wants to talk about (and is prepared to talk about). Trump will try to put Hillary Clinton constantly on the defensive and he will try to prevent her from making any attacks.

Dana Millbank, of the Washington Post, reminds us that even though there are a significant number of Republicans who will refuse to support Trump, it is amazing that so many are now rallying to him, forgetting the following…

On U.S. companies relocating overseas: “You can tell them to go f--- themselves!”
On China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea: “They’re ripping the sh-- out of the sea.”
On the Islamic State: “I would bomb the sh-- out of ISIS!”
On dealing with China: “Listen you motherf---ers, we’re going to tax you 25 percent!”
On climate change: “This very expensive global warming bullsh-- has got to stop!”

The following is NOT bullshit. It comes from the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: “Trump would increase government spending more than Hillary Clinton.

Many conservatives worry that Trump is more liberal than Hillary Clinton.

Here are a number of Republicans who have said they will NOT vote for Trump in November…
  1.  Lindsay Graham (Senator from South Carolina)
  2.  Kevin Madden (veteran GOP strategist)
  3.  Jeb Bush (former Florida Governor)
  4. Scott Rigel (Congressman from Virginia)
  5.  Ben Sasse (Nebraska Senator)
  6.  Reid Ribbie (Wisconsin Congressman)
  7. Christie Todd Whitman (former NJ Governor)
  8.   Elliot Cohen (well known, active Republican who served under both Bush presidents)
  9.  Peter Weiner (speech-writer under Ronald Reagan, GW Bush and GHW Bush)
  10. JC Watt (former Oklahoma Congressman)
  11. Mel Martinez (former Florida Senator)
  12. Carlos Curbelo (Florida Congressman)

Kathleen Parker, of the Washington Post, wonders if we know that “…because he’s a shrewd dealmaker with deep pockets and unencumbered by a moral compass, both his platform and style were crafted to fit the finding of extensive polling he commissioned before announcing his run.”

She also made the following insightful comment:
“The GOP began digging its own grave years ago and dropped one foot in when McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate. With Trump’s almost-certain nomination, the other foot has followed!”
I would add that a lot of these problems with which the GOP is now contending began when it so blatantly flirted with the Tea Party Movement.

Jennifer Rubin, also of the Washington Post, wrote: “Stop Trump, then remake conservative politics!”

I agree – and hope they’ll remake it without the Tea Party influence and without “hate politics!”

The Washington Post Editorial Board says: “Donald Trump sets a new record for economic recklessness!” Who would have thought that would ever be said of the Republican candidate?

In spite of all that I’ve written above and the pretty ugly picture I’ve given you of Donald Trump, I have absolutely no predictions about the out-come of this November’s elections.


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  1. Charlie, you've done a great job encapsulating Trump and all the insanities he espouses, as well as the utter incredulity that many feel for those that support him. One of your Trump comments really resonated with me - NO FUCKIN' FILTERS!

  2. Ross Douthat, conservative, intellectual columnist in the NY Times summed up his May 7 column this way… “In sum: It would be possible to justify support for Trump if he merely promised a period of chaos for conservatism. But to support Trump for the presidency is to invite chaos upon the republic and the world. No policy goal, no court appointment, can justify such recklessness.”

  3. The scariest part of the Trump debacle is that so many people have voted for him and his crap.