Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Republican says to think like Business People

Richard Painter suggests that Republicans avoid a market crash and vote for Hillary Clinton!
by Charlie Leck

Tuesday morning July 26, 2016), in an editorial in our local newspaper, Richard Painter, a Republican and a professor at the University of Minnesota School of Law, makes a remarkably important case for voting for Hillary Clinton. You can read the entire opinion piece in the July 25, 2016, StarTribune.

I’ll quote the last three paragraphs here…
“Republicans think like businesspeople. The stock market is moving toward an all-time high, but only because investors seem to think Clinton will win the election. If we bet on Donald Trump, we become crass and stupid speculators — shorting the stock market and everything else in the American economy, and then waiting for the coming crash. Except no one will profit. Trump has lost billions of dollars loaned by bondholders, banks and other creditors of his businesses who never got paid. Why would any smart investor assume that kind of risk for the entire country? 
“A smarter and more patriotic alternative is to play the long game: hold onto your IRA, keep your business running, support Clinton. She’s a strong choice, and her four years in the White House will buy Republicans the time we need to rebuild our party and put forward a predictable and practical progrowth candidate in the future. 
“For Republicans like me, it’s time to support a candidate who won’t destroy our economy (she may improve it). Let’s make Hillary Clinton our next president for the sake of the Republican Party and — more importantly — for the future of our great country.”
Richard W. Painter is S. Walter Richey Professor of Corporate Law at the University of Minnesota Law School and former associate counsel to the president and chief White House ethics lawyer under George W. Bush. The opinions expressed here are solely his own.


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