Saturday, August 20, 2016

Donald Trump’s Sleazy Past!

It is amazing to consider the life, attitudes, comments and activities of Donald Trump!
by Charlie Leck

Biographers are going to have a wonderful time with the life of Donald Trump in the coming years. It will be like nothing we’ve ever read (except, perhaps, in fiction).
Lots of people are going to read about lots of people who have gotten screwed by Donald Trump – literally and figuratively. For instance…

Donald Trump’s tax debt to the state of NJ had grown to nearly 30 million dollars at one time. When Chris Christie became Governor of the state, that amount was negotiated down to around 5 million. I guess is shows how cool it is to have friends in high places. The people of the state of NJ got screwed but Donald came out, once again, smelling like hot popcorn at the movie theatre.
Hundreds of people have felt the relentless selfishness and cheapness of Donald Trump – like the architect who designed the clubhouse for Donald’s famous golf course – Trump National. The poor man didn’t even come up with enough money to pay off the debts he had incurred in doing the design. “Tough,” Donald told him – in far more graphical terminology and with no pity or mercy – “that’s all you’re getting! Never mind our contract. It isn’t worth the paper it’s written on!”

Now Donald is telling us he “regrets” many of the things he’s said during the campaign. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that is an apology. Read any of the great behaviorists and you’ll find that the word “regret” is a non-starter and “an escape word.” For whom is the regret? For himself? Why? Because it has damaged his own goals? Does it mean he is actually sorry? Not necessarily!

There is nothing of high character about Donald Trump! Nothing! He is a sleaze-ball who believes in taking care of Donald Trump!

I have begun putting together a massive file of his fumbling and misdeeds – his debts and his debtors – his misstatements and his lies – the names and professions of those he has cheated and slandered.

Now he comes expressing regrets! Not apologies, mind you – but regrets!

A real man would have picked up the telephone and called Mr. and Mrs. Khan and expressed his apology for saying such terrible things about them – for having misspoken so carelessly! A real man would have called Senator John McCain and apologized for what he said about the Senator’s prisoner of war status during the Viet Nam War. A real man would have called his architect and apologized for cheating him out of what was due him and would have gotten a payment-in-full check off to him immediately.

A real man would have looked himself in the mirror and owned-up to the fact that he has no business running for the highest office in our land.

Why are so many people fascinated with him? It is an important question for psychologists to study and for those who do support him to ask themselves?

Donald Trump must never become President of the United States of America! If so, it would become the greatest mistake in our history!


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