Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Conqueror Returns

The land, from the inner reaches of China, out across Mongolia, through Siberia and into Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Germany and France, has been conquered by the 1919 Essex and its crew of innocent, daring Americans, Andrew Fulton and Warner Bruntjen. Though thousands of miles away, we join their grand celebration and raise a glass in toast to the memory of one of the world's great travelers and adventurers, Worth Bruntjen. Some of both his spirit and earthly frame have been left behind on the route of the great rally. It is fitting, appropriate and marvelous. A son has honored his father as gloriously as it has ever been done. Rest in peace, Worth.

The story of the great rally is not mine to tell and so I won't. We'll wait for the big, tall, gangly fellow from Kenwood to tell the tale as it should be told. It will be wonderful, touching, funny and spell-binding.

I can only laud him here for a job well done, a gallant goal met and sweet, sweet victory. Car #12 will always be an important part of our family memories.

I raise another glass to Warner.

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