Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stick to What You Know

Everyone's a critic!
by Charlie Leck

I received the following note right after posting my last blog about Dick Cheney. I thought it only fair to share it with all of you. You might want to comment on what Jonathan has to say.

I need to complain. I go to your blog 3 or 4 times each week because I enjoy your writing. That is, I enjoy it when you stay away from all that stuff that is best left to editorial writers at the Star-Tribune or the NY Times. Your material is really great when you are writing personally, about your own experiences and about your family and your own activities. It breaks down when you try to comment on Vice President Cheney or national politics. Stick to what you know best. That always makes for better writing.
Your friend,

I don’t want to get defensive and protest a great deal; however, I sometimes get very riled up about national affairs and the direction our nation has taken in the last 6 years. It’s difficult to keep it all bottled up and it comes spilling out. I try to write it well and say it clearly.

Jonathan, I do stick to more personal material most of the time – subjects that are based on personal experience. And, I agree with you, that makes for better writing. However, partner, I sometimes need to take on these guys who I feel are fully, fiercely and frighteningly f’n me over.

I’ll try to do less of it, but you will occasionally just have to put up with some of it.

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