Thursday, July 12, 2007

Senator Coleman Must Go

Coleman fails on many levels
by Charlie Leck [11 July 2007]

U.S. Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota should lose his seat in the 2008 national election on the merits. He hasn’t done a good job.

Coleman has carried water for the President of the United States from his first day in office. No, change that! He’s carried the President’s water from the first day of his campaign for the office. During his first four years he didn’t look at issues from a Minnesota perspective. He evaluated votes based on what the President wanted him to do.

I believe his eye was on future national office and he tied that possibility to the success of the George W. Bush administration. Obviously, Coleman went down with George W.

Hard core, far-to-the-right Republicans will want to return Coleman. So will big business in Minnesota. The heart of the Republican Party, real conservatives who are to be admired, will have a fight on its hands because they will want another candidate with a real chance to win.

If you like observing and following local politics – the best politics of all – you’ll have a good time in Minnesota over the next 16 months.

First and foremost, Senator Coleman bit hook, line and sinker on the President’s misinformation about WMD in Iraq. Coleman had unfavorable things to say about people who didn’t come aboard on the plan for war. The reputation of George W. Bush may never be repaired because of this disastrous mistake and the manner in which this mistake was sold to the American public. I think Coleman is in the same boat (to continue the fishing metaphor) and his boat is taking on water rapidly.

Only when things began looking really bad for Coleman did he begin looking at legislation from a Minnesota perspective. He has, only in the last year, begun trying to build a record that will show he was working hard for the interests of our state. It’s too late. We need to make sure Norm Coleman does not return to Washington.

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