Monday, February 4, 2008

Sam Thinks He Can

Sam Stern writes "Sam Thinks He Can!"

Sam thinks Senator Barack Obama can do it!
by Charlie Leck

I tossed and turned in bed last night. It wasn’t the outcome of the Super Bowl that bothered me – I was comfortable with either team winning and I enjoyed every part of the festivities, including the incredible singing of the National Anthem, through half-time, to watching Eli Manning come of age.

No, I tossed and turned because I am going to caucus tomorrow night here in Minnesota. I couldn’t make up my mind about a presidential candidate and it was bothering me. I would lean toward Senator Clinton for a few hours and then toward Senator Obama for a while. For some reason, I feel some sense of loyalty to the Clinton name. I feel that I still don’t know with certainty where Obama stands on a few issues and how strongly he feels about others. The fact is, I don’t want either one of these candidates to not get the nomination!

I awoke in the morning, badly in need of coffee. With strong, hot coffee steaming in a big mug, I turned on my computer and went first, for some reason, to the blog site of a neighbor who lives just up the road. I’m captivated by his web site mostly because of its title: Sam Thinks He Can! It’s a colorful site and it keeps me up to date on a fellow I’m starting to admire quite strongly.

The tumult inside me stopped as I read his fresh, interesting blog. The title of the blog for this particular morning could have been directed to my questions about Senator Obama and his ability to be President. “Sam thinks he can!”

The blog was both emotionally touching and well reasoned. Sam told me to open another tab on my browser and go to an INCREDIBLE video production; and then come back and listen to his reasoning. I did exactly as he instructed me and went to DIPDIVE and watched this cool, inspiring and artful presentation about Senator Obama. Do not miss this! Make sure you watch it, just for the joy of seeing such an outstanding production. What fun! I’ve watched it three times already this morning and I’ll watch it a few times more.

I’m going to caucus tomorrow night for Senator Barack Obama. Also, I’ll pull my check book out today. This is the correct choice, even though it’s made in quite an emotional state of mind.

I am remembering how desperately I wanted Bobby Kennedy to be elected in 1968. I hadn’t been old enough to vote in the election that sent John Kennedy to the White House. I wasn’t very pleased to vote for Lyndon Johnson in 1964. However, then, in 1968, I was ready to vote with enthusiasm and excitement and I was caught up in the joyfulness that had captured huge numbers of the nation’s young. There wasn’t going to be any stopping Bobby Kennedy – until that awful night in June, in a hotel in Las Angeles.

Now I see the joy and excitement of America’s young people as they rally around Senator Obama. The young people! America’s future! The kids to whom we are passing the huge financial, environmental and diplomatic problems we created for them!

This is the time for the young and vigorous and hopeful. They have a dream, by God, and their dream might come true. I’m an old guy, but I’m with them on this one. If Senator Barack Obama is elected President of the United States, it will be the most joyful, celebratory inauguration in the nation’s history.

I will have climbed to where Martin Luther King, climbed – to the mountain top – and I will have seen over to the other side. I will have seen what is possible. I will have seen how great we can be as a nation! I will have seen a great turning – an immense change!

A terribly important paragraph in Sam’s blog struck me right between the eyes and stuck there. It is what finally pushed me over the edge and helped me make up my mind. It’s no fault of Senator Clinton’s, but it is true and it is sad.

“The type of experience Senator Clinton brings to the table also brings baggage. While I firmly believe Senator Clinton can hold her own in responding to the right wing conspiracy she identified more than 10 years ago, I’ve started asking myself whether it’s the best use of our chief executive’s time to have deal day in and day out with orchestrated character assassination.” [Sam Thinks He Can]
I hope, by now, you’ve watched the DIPDIVE video. Drop me a note or add a comment here and let me know what you thought of it. I thought it was absolutely wonderful!

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