Friday, February 22, 2008

Where is the Minnesota we loved so much?

It's not spending, Governor; it's investing!
by Charlie Leck

There are not many guys I admire politically or as a solid citizen as much as I admire Curt Johnson, the former head of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Council, the former Chief of Staff for Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson, and the current President of Citistates Group. And, he's a Republican.

Curt Johnson never let partisan politics get in his way. Minnesota is always first in his mind and in his heart. He can talk across the aisle better than any man I ever knew. I sat in many meetings with him and I was always impressed by the way his mind captured things that others missed. He can summarize a problem and move it toward solution better than anyone with whom I ever worked.

So, I'm blogging only very briefly this morning. My purpose is to send you to a column written by Curt Johnson in today's Minneapolis Star-Tribune (22 February 2008). It hits hard on a theme about which I've written a lot. Here in Minnesota, we must start investing again in order to keep our state healthy and prosperous.

Read the column by Curtis Johnson.

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