Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Anonymous Reader

It's difficult to reply to anonymous persons
by Charlie Leck

I'm pleased that I have an average of 300 or so people who read each of my blog posts. We're guessing that they amount to over 3,000 different folks who have come to the blog site at least once. Not bad for an unpublicized blog.

I hear from a few dozen people each time I post a blog. Most write to my regular email address since they know me. A few post blogs on the web site. If those who comment don't show a mean streak or any vulgarity, I gladly approve posting their comments even when they disagree rather vehemently with me.

Lately I've been getting some comments from an anonymous person. I had to think long and hard about approving the posting of them, but, in the end, I let them go up. One showed some strong disagreement with me, but it was reasonable and rational. Yet, I wanted to respond to that criticism because I thought the writer wasn't understanding me. The other was positive and creatively written.

I would have enjoyed responding to those two posts in order to continue the dialog. That's difficult, however, when someone is anonymous. So, to you, whoever you are, I'm sorry not to dialog with you, but it's just too difficult to discuss these matters with vapor.

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