Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Alas, to think of, per chance to remember,
all his lofty promises!

by Charlie Leck

Could it be? Was it only five years ago that we invaded Iraq on a wing and a prayer? Five years ago, the world stood watching in “shock and awe” as our jets screamed into Iraq trying to be discriminate in their killing ways, but failing. Attaturk, writing on the Firedoglake Blog, puts the moment in historical perspective:

“Today is the Fifth Anniversary of the Decider's crowning glory...upon his intellectual throne, a thunderbucket of immense intellectual bankruptcy causing uncounted and ever mounting death and destruction. Each year adds a new level of intellectual dishonesty and miserable accountability for him and his enablers.”
The Great Decider was certain we would have no casualties. The evangelist, Pat Robertson, claimed that George Double-U told him so in a personal audience. Bush now says he never told Robertson such a thing. Who to believe? I mean it! That’s a real conundrum. Shall I believe the President of the United States of America who would certainly not tell a lie – even a teeny-weeny one – to the people of the United States? Or should I believe the good Reverend Pat Robertson, God’s representative here on Earth, who would surely not tell us a lie? Would he? Would he? See what I mean about a conundrum? I need a chosen Decider to help me choose whom I should believe.

For the record, the count, as of today, exceeds 25,000 casualties and very nearly 4,000 deaths. I am grateful to these heroic men and women for the sacrifices they made on behalf of their nation. We should all pay them such honor through gratitude. They heard the call to serve and they heeded it.It is sad that the call to service had to come from such an ill-informed and ill-advised Commander-in-Chief. Sad!

How clearly I remember the days leading up to that night five years ago. My wife and I were in turmoil about the evidence and testimony that was presented to the United Nations. We held our Secretary of State, Colin Powell, in such high regard. Surely, we thought, Powell, an experienced and highly decorated General, would not involve himself in such a venture if it were not legitimate.Legitimacy! Now, five years later, we know that legitimacy is the key issue.

Just as a lie, over forty years ago, dragged us in over our heads in the war in Vietnam, a bold-faced lie dragged us into this war in Iraq. It is a war that has left our nation morally and financially bankrupt. It is a war that has cost us over 3 TRILLION dollars and is mounting steadily. How can an economy not suffer?

Now the great debate is about how to end it – how to leave without doing further great damage to the innocent people of Iraq.I am tired of being lied to by our national leaders. President Reagan did the same thing to us when he invaded the tiny, island nation of Grenada. What insanity it was to send troops there for no reason and to see nearly two-dozen men lose their lives, most in friendly fire, for no reason whatsoever. I think we need to have our Presidents out-fitted with a lie detector device that they must wear every time they speak to the American public.

Here is an exercise for you to try on this fifth anniversary day of our invasion of Iraq: Imagine, if you will, that we elect only Presidents who will consider it their loftiest goal to make peace in the world and not war.Happy Anniversary!


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