Sunday, May 9, 2010

Free Twins Memorabilia

We're Gonna Win Twins! We're Gonna Win!
by Charlie Leck

I recently attended a fund raising auction for a worthy cause and purchased some super tickets to an upcoming Minnesota Twins game. Included with the tickets were a number of memorabilia (souvenir) items that are supposed to be pretty neat. I don't really know, because I'm not into that stuff. Frankly, I don't have room around the house for the stuff.

So, I'm going to give it all away to the first of my readers who ask for it (including shipping). If you're a collector, you might be interested.

Just send me an email (, or phone me if you know how, and I'll mail item one off to the first person who calls me. Item two will go to the next person... and so on down the line of the following.
  1. Official 1987 Championship Drive Beer Mug [claimed]
  2. Official 1987 Championship Drive Home Hanky
  3. Official 1987 Championship Drive Homer Hanky [claimed]
  4. Official 1991 Championship Drive Homer Hanky
  5. Official 1991 Championship Drive Homer Hanky [claimed]
  6. Official 1987 Championship Drive T-Shirt
  7. Official 1987 Championship Drive Coffee Mug [claimed]
  8. Photo (8x10) singed by Paul Molitor (3000th Hit) [claimed]
Coffee Mug

Beer Mug

How's that? They're yours just for the asking. If no one contacts me, I'll give the items to some charity to auction off.

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