Friday, July 9, 2010

Blog Followers

Become a follower of your favorite blogs and discover the advantages!
by Charlie Leck

This blog, and thousands of others, which are managed by Google Blogs, builds up followers over time. For example, I follow a number of blogs regularly. I’ll list them below for you.

There are plenty of reasons for you to become a follower of blogs you like. Here’s Google’s explanation of how to do it! To become a follower of my blog, you just have to look to the immediate right of title of the lead (most recent) blog and click on follow!

Here are the blogs I follow regularly and they ARE safe to visit. You’ll have to judge for yourself whether or not they are interesting.

American Carriage Builder (Written by Todd, a carriage builder and restorer over in Wisconsin, it is mainly about horse drawn carriages but also ranges into other topics; yet, you’ll likely only enjoy these if you are a carriage collector.)

Blog of the Moderate Left (I go here whenever a new blog is posted. That’s one of the reasons to become a follower; that is, you’re always informed when a new post is made on a blog you are following and you can then go and check it out. This one normally deals with politics and generally from my point of view. On Wednesday, for example, they wrote about Tom Emmer’s strange views about waiters and waitresses. New blogs are posted two or three times each week.)

Daily Dish (This is Atlantic Monthly's contribution to my life. They post this extraordinary blog by Andrew Sullivan. He often provides balance to my left-leaning views and brings me back to reality when I go too far in my ranting. He writes good and important stuff.)

Dick Cavett (I liked him when he was on the air and I miss his show. This makes up for it a little, though sometimes 2 or 3 weeks go by between his postings.)

Freakonomics (I’ve told you about this blog many times here on my own blog. It’s great stuff – the kind of freaky side of economics with plenty of humor and plenty of wisdom. I’m a regular and faithful follower.)

From Tony’s Keyboard (Tony is just a regular old guy, much as I, who pumps out thoughts that he calls “a little ado about a few things” that make for good and humorous reading).

I Hate to Slice (Written by Wendy, a United States Golf Association Director who lives and works in Michigan. She provides inside and insightful information about golf in America. If you really like golf information, you’ll like what Wendy does.)

Laugh Lines (Want a good dose of humor each day? Here's a great place to get solid, sophisticated, genuine, good humor! In addition to some good jokes you can follow some of the best cartoonists in America, all in one easy – just click – place: Tony Auth, Jeff Danziger, Glenn McCoy, Doonesbury, Rudy Park, Pat Oliphant, Ben Sargent and Tom Toles. My goodness, what more can I say? I start every morning at this blog! Again, it’s from the NY Times.)

Love Every Bite (This is a food blog about healthy, nutritious and delicious eating. It is written by one of my daughters and it’s very good, but, alas, too infrequent).

Margaret & Helen (This is a blog I’m allowing to hang here, but only by the thinnest of threads. It used to be one of the most popular blogs in America. I’ve blogged about it a number of times and it use to be one of my favorites. Nothing has been posted for over a month now and that’s too bad. I never believed it was written by two old ladies, but maybe it was and they are in poor health. Who knows?)

Mark Bittman (I’m a Bittman fan. I like his NY Times videos called The Minimalist, which are about cooking with minimal effort, and I like his blog postings. I also, by the way, like his cookbooks.)

Out of Ur (This blog comes from the outstanding theological magazine, Christianity Today. If you’d like a touch of sensible, thinking man’s Christianity, this is a good place to get it. I go to it whenever I’m informed a new blog has been posted.)

Prairie Ponderings (This is a friend of mine who lives just up the road. He is a good writer and he posts interesting stuff, but he is very infrequent!)

Think Again (This is a NY Times blogs written by Stanley Fish. He is a brilliant writer and an extraordinary thinker. He will force you to use your mind and he’ll provide you with some very interesting and intriguing information. This one is at the top of my list of favorite blogs. It’s written approximately weekly.)

Trout Caviar (Now we’re talking about some really good and professional blogging. This one is written regularly – that is, at least weekly – by Brett Laidlaw. He’s a genius with food and a fabulous baker. If you like to cook and want to adventure, this is a blog you’ll love.)

Van Peebles Land (This is a blog I’ve been reading steadily for two or three years. David Williamson, an Irishman, is a professional journalist who writes this personal blog in Wales. It is often theological and often political. Sometimes it’s about art, music or theatre. Sometimes it features his sketches. It’s always interesting and it's almost daily.)

Here, however, I want to say, for your information and protection, that I do not know all of my followers. A couple of them are mysterious and when I try to look at their profile I get a Google Warning that the content of those pages might not be acceptable, so I don’t go any further. My warning to you: Don’t Go There! If you’ve been tempted to look into my followers, if you get such warnings, stop! I try very hard not to put my computer at risk and you should also protect your computer from unwarranted visits to strange places. It's one of the rules of using the Internet: In order to protect your computer, don't visit strange places!

This isn’t a pleasant topic, but I felt I needed to tell you.

Well, that’s it. Look into being a follower on some of your favorite blogs. It’s a good way to get up-to-the-minute notice of when a new posting has been put up. And, I’d love to have you become a follower of my humble offerings here.


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