Thursday, July 29, 2010

Current Events You Must Know About

If you’ve not heard about these items, you must jump on them now!
by Charlie Leck

All the News that Fits!
our farm’s web site, on the news page, there is a heading: “All the news that fits!” It seemed cute when I posted it. The news fascinates me. I begin almost every day with newspapers. Some of them are in print and some on-line. I’m not happy about a day without newspapers.

Here are some items from the last few days that I found fascinating and that you should know about and that you may want to read about if you haven’t been following them:

Al Franken crossed the line in the U.S. Senate. Thank goodness!
Our U.S. Senator, Al Franken, is receiving a lot of criticism for crossing the line in some comments he made about Senate colleagues. MinnPost, in a column by David Mindeman, said thank goodness he did and invited him to cross the line more often.

Al Franken recently said: "... But I do think that this whole approach of slowing everything down, in many ways I think it's so that, they don't want a jobs bill because they don't want people to get jobs before the election. It's a harsh thing to say, and I don't want to impugn the motives of my colleagues, but I don't get what they're doing otherwise."

Tony Sutton, Minnesota’s GOP Chairman, responded to Al Franken’s remark: “Al Franken's outrageous remarks are beneath a United States senator and we would encourage him to apologize for his baseless suggestion.”

Of course, you decide. As for me, I think Franken nailed it solidly.

Don’t the leaks about our Afghanistan policy remind you of something? That is, if you’re old enough! Just think back to Vietnam and the furor that such leaks caused then. It’s hard to beat a fully informed population. And, the truth is sometimes difficult to handle. Nevertheless, the truth sets us free and helps us make the right decision as voters. Yes, it sometimes helps the enemy, too, and that is the awesome counterbalance that must always be considered. Yet, I’ll just say this: We’ll survive the
Wikileaks, just like we survived the revelation of the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War.

Tough – perhaps dirty – ads about Tom Emmer
Alliance for a Better Minnesota will begin running some tough, and perhaps dirty, ads about Tom Emmer. I find them tough, indeed, but not dirty. They tell the truth. This Tom Emmer is a skuzzy guy and his background and character need to be brought out. Minnesota voters need to know about his serious character flaws. You watch the ad they’ll be running and decide for yourself.

France declares War
You may have missed this one unless you’re a careful reader of newspapers.
Il est très important! Make sure you read about France declaring war on Al Qaeda. Here's the story as the Christian Science Monitor reported it.

My personal apology!
Finally, accept my apology for the blog being rather infrequent in the last two weeks. There’s been plenty going on in my life that has prevented me from writing regularly. Things are starting to calm down and will be back to normal next week. I’ll be traveling this weekend and will try to post blogs from the road.


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