Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Viva la France

Company arrives from France today! My blog will be quiet!
by Charlie Leck

It is at a time like this that I wish I had a blogging partner, who could keep Ad Astra up and running when I can't.

Patti and his family arrive today. They live about an hour outside of Paris. They are visiting the United States for the summer and will pull in this afternoon in an RV they rented to get them around the states. They are traveling from the east coast (New York and New Jersey) all the way out to California.

When he spent a summer with us, working on our farm, Patti was just a boy. It must have been 30 years ago. Now he has a beautiful wife and lovely children of his own. (Watch for photos over the next several days).

We are excited about their arrival and we're ready to spend some time with them and, then, also with my own grandchildren who will arrive on Friday. So I'll be consumed with family activities for the next four or five days and you may hear very little from me at this blog spot. You can count on some photographs, however.


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