Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hooray for Google

Google, a massive and powerful company, has decided to go to bat for many of its employees. They’re taking on the peravasive discrimination that exists throughout the world against gays and lesbians.
by Charlie Leck

This is an extraordinary story!
I’m talking (writing) about this story in the Washington Post: Google ‘Legalize Love’ campaign isn’t about gay marriage. It was written by Matt DeLong and was posted a few days ago (8 July 2012).

This initiative by Google is extraordinary and I couldn’t be more pleased about it or supportive. An American corporation is stepping up to bat and supporting its employees who are gay and taking a strong, world-wide stand that will oppose injustices against gay and lesbian human beings. Hooray!

And, Google and Mr. DeLong can say this campaign isn’t about gay marriage all they want, but, in fact, among other things, it is. Granted, it isn’t strictly about gay marriage, but gay marriage is included among the things this corporate effort is all about. Read the article and you’ll understand.

It is amazing that a company the size of Google would take such a stand. Again, after reading the story you’ll understand why they did. They want fairness for all of their employees.

Wake up world! We’re missing something. The gay and lesbian world is much larger than we think. And, it is more natural and beautiful than we seem able to understand.

Here’s a paragraph from the story referenced above…

“Google has a history of supporting gay rights. In 2008, the company’s co-founder and president Sergey Brin came out in opposition to the California Prop 8 ban on same-sex marriage via a post on the company’s blog. In 2010, the company began providing additional compensation to gay and lesbian employees to cover the cost of a tax on domestic-partner health benefits that heterosexual married couples do not pay.”

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