Friday, July 13, 2012

Joe Pa Revisited

I have been humbled! Oh, my! I was not only wrong about Joe Pa and Penn State, but I was very wrong.
by Charlie Leck

I recently revisited the blog I wrote last November and posted on 9 November 2011 (Joe Pa). As an admission of my own misjudgment and completely incorrect assessment of the facts, I added the update below to the beginning of the blog.

[13 July 2012] I felt strongly, when I wrote this blog last November, that I was correct; that Joe Paterno could not have known about the crimes of Jerry Sandusky and then kept quiet about them. It appears that I was very incorrect. The Freeh, Sporkin and Sullivan Report makes it quite clear that Joe Paterno knew more than any of us believed he did; that he should have acted promptly and efficiently to condemn Sandusky and report him to the proper authorities. Instead it appears that Paterno tried to wish the problem away and had not the heart or guts to deal with it. It hurts to admit this about a guy I so deeply admired (as the terribly incorrect blog below asserts). I can not say it any more clearly that this: I was deeply wrong and incorrect and the history of the Joe Paterno reign at Penn State University will sadly need to be adjusted.

It now seems certain that Joe Paterno knew more than he needed to know to take severe and direct action against Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky should not have been allowed in Penn State's athletic facilities and he should not have been allowed to represent Penn State's football program in any way. And, criminal actions should have been taken against this child molester long before they were.

I am a sad man this morning after reading the stories about these incidents in the Washington Post; and after reading the Freeh, Sporkin and Sullivan Report

The End!
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