Monday, December 17, 2012

My Congressman and Gun Control

An Open Letter to My Congressman
by Charlie Leck

There follows an open letter to my Congressman. Won't you write to your Congressman also? Ask him/her to join in open debate about some kind of control of guns that are too powerful and can fire too many rounds of ammunition automatically.


Charles H. Leck

Erik Paulsen, Congressional Representative, 3rd District, Minnesota
U.S. House of Representatives
250 Prairie Center Dr.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Dear Congressman Paulsen:

I’m pretty rattled this weekend. The terrible murders of those small children in Connecticut just wrenches at my heart and guts. Sir, we’ve got to do something. This kind of thing is happening too often in America.

I know coming down on the side of strong gun control in America is difficult. I understand the complications that the Second Amendment to the Constitution create; yet, we must do something. The power and ability to repeat shooting that the gun this young killer held in his hands is incredibly frightening. Over and over and over he fired! Can’t we, at the very least, address that question?

Can’t we, at least, get a sensible and open debate about this matter going in the House? Can’t we ask every single Congressman and Congresswoman to look at this question with an open and aching heart and mind.

Sir, we cannot let this moment pass without a sensible and real discussion, at the very least. I hope and pray for action – for, at the very least, limitations on the power and automatic repeating nature of the guns that civilian Americans can possess. And, I hope we can get a better grip on the mental health of people who apply for gun permits.

I am well aware that there are constitutional issues involved here, but we must begin to debate together. We need to see where we can go to lessen the number of and severity of such incidents that have been happening lately in so many parts of the country.

Please, sir! Please! Call for open debates, at the very least. Call for open discussions about how much the Second Amendment really limits us from protecting society.


Yours very sincerely,

     SIGNED: Charles H. Leck

Charles H. Leck
Independence, Minnesota

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