Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beckoning of Lovely!

Who knows how much time you have to do it! It seems that the Mayan calendar ends on 21 December 2012. There are dire predictions that it will also be the end of the world. So, now, while you have the opportunity, why not go ahead and beckon some lovely. What have you got to lose?
by Charlie Leck

I’ve written here before about Amy Krouse Rosenthal. She’s a charmer. I adore her. How much sweetness can be packed into one life? Oh, I suppose she has her moments when she screeches at her husband or beats a pillow against the wall in frustration. Yet, probably not! Amy, you see, is simply and completely lovely!

Those earlier blogs can be found at…

Amy’s dad posted a video on Facebook yesterday. It’s one his grown daughter has made, urging everyone to beckon plenty of lovely between now and 12-21-12.

“What can we lose?” Amy was in one of her wondering moods. If the world comes to an end on December 21, we will have, at least, made it a bit lovelier with all the lovely we’ve beckoned. If not, that will be a lovely – even lovelier thing – won’t it?

Amy’s not crazy! She’s lovely. She’s brought so much loveliness into my life that I can’t even count it all – or explain it all to you. I’ve told you about much of it in those earlier blogs.

So for now, I’m just doing as Amy suggested and posting my essential Post-It Note up here on my blog for you. I’ll post a few around the house as well. And, I’ll put one on the dashboard of my car. I’ll take a pad of them and post one in the grocery store, near the fresh flowers. I’ll sneak one on to the wall at Starbucks, too. I think I’ll put one on the Salvation Army bucket outside the grocery store, where the fellow is ringing away for contributions.

If you think I’ve gone crazy, perhaps you should view Amy’s under-stated but remarkable video – the one her daddy posted on Facebook. Here’s what he posted and the link to her enjoyable new video…

"With just a pen and a post-it / Made simple for every boy and girl / you can BECKON SOME LOVELY, and save the world."
Here is the big 12/12/12 new:

I hope you have some terrific lovely today and all through the rest of your life!

One in love with Amy, .always in love with Amy,
Ever and ever fascinated by her, sets your heart on fire to stay…

Once again I’ll say, as I part from you today: Beckon some lovely! It’s easy! You do it when you smile at someone you might have looked away from… or when you help an elderly lady carry her groceries out to her car… or when you walk up to a perfect stranger and hand her a small bouquet of flowers and wish her a happy, happy day. There are thousands and thousands of ways to beckon some lovely. Think of some and do it today and everyday right through December 21 and, perhaps, you’ll love doing it so much that you’ll just keep doing it.

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