Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Once in love with Amy!

You’d better get to know Amy Krouse Rosenthal if you know what’s good for you!
by Charlie Leck

Every once in a while, I think, just because we need it, God puts someone very special on earth as a gift to us. Lately (1965), the big Kahoona gave us Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Do you know about her?

Lord, she’s wonderful! So, thanks a lot!

I think the big fella just thought we needed to smile more and share more of what makes us happy with other people.

I wish I’d discovered Amy sooner in my life. She makes me smile and want to sing. She gives me remarkable ideas about how to be kind and surprising! I tried a few of them – like her Change Project. And, yesterday, I just walked up to someone downtown and handed her a pretty bouquet of flowers. The woman was shocked and thought I was kooky, but I eventually convinced her to take the flowers and she touched my hand lightly and said “thank you.” That little touch made me feel terrific.

I read Amy’s lovely and unusual book the other day. It’s called Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. The book has had me doing crazy things I would not commonly do. Like… I mean… I wrote a description of the moon after I read Amy’s fiction entry in her encyclopedia.

“I am not attracted to fiction," Amy wrote, "and I feel bad about this… what do all the moon adjectives (full, half, a sliver) have to do with [anything]?: So Amy asked me to write and submit something about the moon and email it to her. I did.

The moon, I think, was an afterthought. The creator made light and darkness as well as the seas and those lands like islands in the seas. On the day the creator rested he looked at all he’d made and he was only troubled by the darkness. It needed a hint of something. So, the creator hung out a round lantern that would, in certain preordained periods of darkness, give varying degrees of lightness to the dark nights. It broke the monotony of the blackness and he expected that people would sometimes look in wonder at the lantern and, perhaps, make love by it. [Charles Leck]

I hope Amy reads it. I don’t know why, but I hope she does.

Amy put a little note in my copy of her book – just for me: “for Charlie… here’s to pure imagination…”

Then, gosh, she drew a little heart and signed it: Amy K.R.

My two Chicago granddaughters knew all about Amy before I did. They think she’s cool. One of my daughters cries a little bit when she describes Amy. I don’t blame her.

I want every one of my readers to get to know Amy. I won’t go on and on. Just check out why I think she’s so wonderful – unique and creative – loving and kind – imaginative and exciting – and just damned sweet. Visit Amy’s web page and get to know her. You won’t ever be sorry. I especially recommend you watch some of her videos – I really like the videos about her projects. For instance, watch this one about The Poetree!

And here’s the kicker! This is my first little Amy Project: I’ll send an absolutely free copy of her book, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, to the first ten people who email me a request for it. Just say: “Charlie, send me a copy of Amy’s book!” And give me an address to which I can mail it!

Then, later today, I’m going to hide another 5 copies of Amy’s book somewhere around town and I’ll put a note in each one that congratulates the finder and wishes the finder a really happy day.

This is the impact Amy is having on me. Watch out! She may cure your grouchiness as well.

If you want to do something very spontaneous, try this little thing that Amy has recommended to her audiences. One time she asked all those gathered at one of her speeches to take out their cell phones and turn them on. Once on, she ask each person to send a text message to someone one on his/her contact list and simply type out: “I love you!”

I hope you got my text message cause I sent it to you!


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