Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Comments on “a Minnesota Corn Flake”

My “flat out crazy” description of Michele Bachmann really drew some rage!
by Charlie Leck

I make a practice of not publishing comments by people not willing to put a name on what they say. It’s easy to vent and rage against someone when you are not willing to reveal your identity. Anonymous comments tend to be rather nasty and mean – “tough guys” hidden behind the anonymous tag. That's been the case in most of the 22 comments that came in about my recent blog, Michel Bachman is a Minnesota Corn Flake. Most of them show me clearly the kind of people she appeals to most.

I’ve published the ones that included a name after the comment (even though those names might be fictitious, I suppose). Most the commenters, however, were not identified.

I feel guilty about not publishing the rest of the comments because they were so highly critical of me and really hacked at me and my writing skills. I don't want to appear to be closed to critique. So, here’s a summary…

“Write much? All I read is an angry old man who can’t stand to see a woman in power who speaks up. Back to the kitchen to make me supper where you belong…”

I’d like to tell this anonymous person that I was first on Hillary’s bandwagon in 2007. I’d also like to tell her I write a great deal and that I’m not an angry old man at all – old, indeed, but not angry. I just dislike Michele Bachmann intensely. And, I do prepare about 90 percent of the dinners around here.

“The same type of analysis could be done for any candidate with similar results and for the current president you could have a field day with misquotes and ignorance…” …from Alabama

This guy’s long comment was actually very good and I enjoyed reading it. I’d just like to tell him that our President does get his tongue twisted occasionally, but it’s not from stupidity and he doesn’t lie. We know Representative Bachmann up here and she has a history. She really is a “nut case!”

“This reminds me of Fred Armisen’s sketch in SNL where he just reads a headline and says ‘that’s crazy’ without any real analysis.”

Good stuff! I remember that sketch, too.

“What a demo idiot!”

I’ve been involved in a lot of demo occasions. I use to demo legal research for a big company out east and I demo naturally raised lamb meat to potential buyers. I do a pretty good job of it, too, and I’m not usually called an idiot.

“You should be embarrassed. You’re an idiot.”

Again with the idiot label! Two graduate degrees, anonymous, and plenty of people who respect me as an academic (but come to think of it, you’re probably correct because an awful lot of academics are idiots).

“Speaking of always getting it wrong… you can’t even spell her first name, so I’m embarrassed for you.”

This one hurt because the commenter is correct.

“That’s a great list. My favorite gaffe of hers was when she was talking about the ‘Hoot Smalley’ act. Not only did she get the name of it wrong, but it wasn’t passed under FDR like she had said… I guess we’re lucky she’s not a tax attorney.”


“Can you write anything except ‘flat out crazy’? Try ‘insane’ or ‘mentally deranged’… You type like a second grader.”

Nope! Ooh, the comment about my typing hurt. I took two years of typing in high school and got straight As both years. Lord that was a fun class. Twin sisters were in the class with me and one sat on each side of me and we played footsy all the time – Mary and Agnes!

“You call Michelle Bachmann flat-out crazy but you think your ultimate destination is the edge of the universe and beyond? Ok, Woody. And you claim that there's only one rule and that is "to be kind". Then you call a mother of five a flake, a dumb-ass idiot, crazy, homophobic, a nut-case, and a witch. Do you understand that her children might read this? Do you understand that this screed might be hurtful to those that love her? You have no credibility. I pity your grandchildren..”

Ooooh! That’s a real smack. This comment came to me in an email from Richard Scheibel. He really takes me to task. I can only reply with the following…

I hope my grandchildren will be proud of me for standing up to a woman who lives by the lie. And you say I have no credibility. In a credibility contest between Ms. Bachmann and me, I will win going away. My destination? How about her belief that she is saved and will live out eternity with Jesus? Her claims are based on the literature of the Bible while mine are on the literature of Milton. Don’t be a literalist! We’re both talking about fantasy here. The woman doesn’t know the real, tough and merciful Jesus – the one who demands we feed the hungry and clothe the needy.

Enough with literalism! Even my small grandchildren are not literalists.

Here’s what I’ll guarantee you (or is it guaranty?): I’m watching Representative Bachmann like a hawk and I’ll report on every single one of her goofs and lies here. And, there have been plenty of new ones lately.


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  1. First I want to say thanks for posting my previous comment on your original blog on this subject. That being said, you complain here that people reacted harshly to your comments, what can one expect when one first stirs the puddin'? If you choose to call any public figure or other person by harsh names, you should expect to receive the same treatment in return. Remember that no matter the group, left, right, middle, up or down, if the group is big enough there will always be a few fruits and nuts in the mix. So stating that because a few people placed rude comments on your blog she attracts rude people is disingenuous at the least. That is why in my previous post I suggested that you use facts and concrete statements to make your point, not assumptions. If you disagree with her political beliefs that is one thing, but to call names is another. I do not agree with President Obama, and I warned many people what would happen if he was elected. Many scoffed and we are now all paying for their poor choice. Not that I really cared a bit for McCain as he is a big RINO! I cast my vote and that was the decision made in the primaries. Anyway, I digress. Even though I disagree with Obama, I would never call him names, I use facts to back up my opinions and positions. Likewise, may I suggest if you would like to go after Michelle Bachman, then choose some policies of her's that you disagree with and back your opinion up with some facts. I'm always open to hearing other people's opinions when they are based on facts. You might even change a mind or two. But by just going after her by calling her names, you both denigrate yourself and your blog. That just my opinion.