Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In Charge at the Republican Party

Who is in charge over at the National Republican Party? What a stupid question!
by Charlie Leck

Jon Huntsman is the one Republican candidate for the 2012 GOP nomination who seems to be rationale, sensible, bright and willing to campaign on facts and truth. It would be a delight to watch and listen to debates between Huntsman and Obama. Such debates might be edifying and helpful to the nation.

“Let me be perfectly clear…”
As that scumbag President of the United States, better known as Richard Nixon, use to say: “Let me be perfectly clear.” It ain’t gonna happen folks. The Republican Party is not going to allow any enlightened and enlightening candidates to win the nomination. The GOP wants someone who knows how to punch low and head-butt when he’s in a clinch. After all, the candidate has got to appeal to big money (like that represented by the Koch Brothers) and the former Utah Governor and Ambassador to China is not that guy.

What the America public needs to understand is that the Republican Party is no longer controlled by people – not even by the hooters and hollerers in the Tea Party – but by America’s big corporations. America’s major election campaigns are driven by and decided by money. Sure, the people still vote, but the majority is likely to be thoroughly brained-washed and under the control of big business by the time it (the majority) gets to the voting booth.

I had some hope that Mitt Romney would conduct an enlightening campaign. He’s revealed his true stripes already up there in New Hampshire.

You heard how Sarah Palin made a fool out of herself and showed off her ignorance up there in New Hampshire! That doesn’t make a difference, folks, because if big business wants her as their candidate they’re going to get her nominated. Take it from me, they don’t.

Things are looking frightful on the political scene right now. I suggest you begin carrying an air-sickness bag with you wherever you go. You’ll never know when you’ll need to use it.

Michael Gerson, in an opinion column in the Washington Post, suggests that some of the candidates for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination seem to actually be running for a “host position” on FOX TV News.

Here’s a good story from Time/CNN on Jon Huntsman as a candidate for the Republican endorsement for President.

If any of my progressive readers out there have not yet made a contribution to Hillary Clinton’s fund raising effort aimed at retiring her 2008 campaign debt, I suggest you send some money to help her do it. Big business isn’t going to help. We, the little people, will need to help her. Do what you can to help! Here’s where you can go to donate:


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