Monday, June 6, 2011

Palin is a Nut-case

Sarah Palin is a sad nut case who spreads atrocious misstatements and doesn’t even understand that she’s constantly telling outright lies.
by Charlie Leck

The Washington Post runs a regular piece by Glenn Kessler called The Fact Checker: The Truth Behind the Rhetoric. It’s a good column to read to see how wild politicians can get in their political fibbing. He gives out grades to various people as Pinocchios. Get four or five of them and you’re really fibbing up a storm. Newt Gingrich recently earned five of those babies. On her recent bus trip (sort-of-campaign-tour) Sarah Palin earned 4 of them with her fibbing and misstatements. [You can find Kessler’s story about Palin’s falsehoods here!]

It’s worth reading this stuff. The problem is that few people will. Palin puts the falsehoods out there and many of the folks in the Tea Party will never realize that what the woman was saying was very incorrect, misleading and out-right lies. Michel Bachmann does the same thing and Palin picked up a lot of her stuff from Bachmann’s speeches.

The 2012 presidential campaign will be wild and the poor President is going to have to fight all this false trash constantly.

One has to hope, hope, hope that Palin and/or Bachman do not get the nod to run against President Obama. It would be an ugly and unproductive campaign. It wouldn’t be much better with Gingrich running. I think it would be a bit more positive with Romney pitted against the President (until he gets desperate and then unleashes the dirt squad).

I urge you to read the latest fact check and to keep up on it regularly.


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