Monday, June 27, 2011

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Take a look at this fantastic midsummer night’s sight in Poland!
by Charlie Leck

On Tuesday last week, the community of Poznan, in Poland, established a new world record when they released 8,000 Chinese lanterns in celebration of the shortest period of darkness of the year – Midsummer’s Night. The lanterns rose into the sky, making an incredible and delightful sight and music played on in the background.

Watch the video below. I found this on my favorite web site, Open Culture, which is also currently featuring, in memory of Peter Falk (one of my favorite all-time actors), a scene from the movie Wings of Desire. One can get lots of free classic films through Open Culture. Right now you can also watch Andy Warhol eat a hamburger, which is quite an extraordinary sight. Visit Open Culture often at

I hope my favorite Pole, Stanley (Stanislawa) Musial, gets to watch this video. He’s in his twilight years now but still the great slugger in my mind. I just finished reading George Vecsey’s wonderful book about him, Stan Musial: An American Life [read Hardball Times review of the book here]. Oh, how Stan the Man loves his father’s homeland. He’s built ballfields over there and contributed thousands of bats, balls, uniforms and St. Louis Cardinal paraphernalia to the kids of that nation.

A wonderful hometown friend of mine when we were kids, Charlie Adams, sent me the neatest signed Stan Musial poster a number of years ago and I love that thing. It just showed up in the mail one day. At the time, Charlie was a sports memorabilia dealer in Atlanta. I’ve since lost touch with him and I’m upset about that. If any of you know anything about Charlie, please let me know.


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