Monday, November 14, 2011

Amy at it Again

Amy's Grand Entrance into Millennium Park in Chicago, in front of the Bean.

I went down to Chicago for a special 11|11|11 celebration called The Beckoning of Lovely and it was an awful lot of fun!
by Charlie Leck

Last year I wrote a blog here called Once in Love with Amy. Well, Amy is still charming me and making me feel misty and mellow.

Amy Krause Rosenthal has been staging these loving and wonderful get-togethers since 2008. That one, of course, was on 8|8|08 at 8:08 p.m.. These gatherings are for people who believe love, compassion, understanding and helpfulness can cure everything. In may ways, they are correct!

If you want to understand Amy better, and perhaps fall head-over-heals with her as I have, then watch this lengthy video. It's more than an hour long, but you can take it in 5 part bites if you'd like. Watch it and I think you'll be nuts about Amy, too, and I think it will put a little more hopefulness in your soul. Amy sure has put more in mine.

I was in her audience in Chicago on Friday morning at 11:11 a.m. when Amy made her grand entrance (yellow umbrella and all) and she wowed us all again with her utter simplicity and her belief that we really, really can appreciate one another, whatever and whoever we might be.

You'll understand what I'm talking about a little better if you watch the video. Part I is below and you can find the rest under the Beckoning of Lovely tag on Amy's Website.

I've given away, mostly to strangers, 20 copies of Amy's wonderful little book, The Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. It's out of print now or I'd send one to you too.

Below are a few scenes from the park on Thursday.

Blurred Entrance

Camera Man


Marriage Proposal

Once in Love with Amy

In the Bean


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