Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Romney Ad Stinks of Fraud

I had some hope that Mint Romney would be the one candidate who would keep the campaign clean, honest and believable. He’s sunk to sewer depth now!
by Charlie Leck

Oh, boy!
Even Mint Romney has sunk into the gutter in this campaign. He recently released a TV ad that is totally dishonest – and he knew it was and said only that “everyone does it!” The ad pictures President Obama saying that “if we talk about the economy we’ll lose!” In fact, it is a clip from 2008 when Obama was quoting John McCain, who actually did say that. The ad takes the quote totally out of context and clearly attributes it to the President.

Take a look at the ad on this Fact Check web site and read the short take that condemns Romney for dishonesty.

I’m so disappointed. I thought, in Romney, there was a glimmer of hope for a decent and above-board campaign. Now, after this low blow, I hope he takes it in the chops. What a mud sucker!

Here’s a story in the Washington Post about the ad and you can also view the video clip there.


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