Sunday, November 20, 2011

Facebook World

How is it the Coen Brothers put it? This is no country for old men!
by Charlie Leck

My wife, who is computer challenged and has a difficult time keeping her email organized (she has 290 unread messages in her in-box), has opened a Facebook account. She immediately got dozens of requests to be friends with this person and that.

“How do I do that?” She screamed from her office out to me. I was preparing my coffee in the kitchen.

“You’ll figure it out,” I replied. Just keep playing around.

“I want to look at these pictures?” She screamed. “How do I do that?”

I was sitting over a small bowl of fruit now. I didn’t feel like moving.

“You’ll figure it out. Just keep playing around!”

I tried Facebook a few years ago. I ended up not liking it. It was strange, because I had just reconnected with a whole bunch of people from my childhood and I was curious about them. However, I ran into difficulties and got led to a web site that streamed malware into my computer. It cost me a significant amount of money to have it removed. The strain on my brain and having my computer down for a couple of days was the hardest part. I parted ways with my Facebook friends. I had hoped they might keep up with me by email – I asked them to -- but they didn’t. I guess you either do Facebook or you do nothing.

Maureen Kielly and Cecelia Parker are out there somewhere in a Facebook world and I’d love to make contact with them, but I just ain’t going through that experience again. Maybe, had I been a dozen years younger or so, I could have made it work.”

“Charlie, come help me with this Facebook thing. People want me to post a photograph! How do I do that?”

“I’m reading! I can’t help! Just figure it out. I’m sure you can buy a 400 page book in the store that will tell you how to do it. Maybe you can get one of the kids to teach you over Thanksgiving weekend.”

Facebook isn’t for old guys! Give me a break!

Look! I’m blogging, ma!


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