Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Sound of Silence

A tip of the hat and a wave goodbye to the extraordinary Tom Keith!
by Charlie Leck

Are you a Prairie Home Companion Show fan? I’m not talking Facebook here! Did you listen to the radio show regularly? Remember all the wonderful sounds during Garrison’s monologues or the sounds out there on the prairie when the cowboys were setting up camp – or when Guy Noir was leaning back in his office desk chair? Ah, yes!

Over the last 30+ years, If Garrison Keillor needed a sound, Tom Keith was there to give it to him. They were great sounds – that flushing of a toilet – or the little kid’s fart – or that fluttering call of a loon.

The sound effects man died of a heart attack here in Minnesota on Sunday.

Geez, Louise! The laughs and the memories! Here’s to you, Tom Keith. You were great!

To the stars!


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