Sunday, November 27, 2011

An Odd Sunday Sports Morning

Gophers win! We don’t hear it often, but the sports section of this morning’s Sunday newspaper is a delight to read!
by Charlie Leck

The Gophers’ basketball team (the University of Minnesota) was playing at lunch time on Friday and I had the family out for a lunch at a local restaurant. Across the big room, on a TV screen, I could see that the local collegiate team was losing to Indiana State University. It was a big enough lead that I concluded the game was lost and a shot at the Subway Classic Basketball Championship was lost. I never picked up the paper yesterday and, therefore, failed to learn that our college team had taken over the game at the end and won in the final seconds. So, they’ll face Dayton University today in the championship game! Hooray.

More unlikely, however, was the Gopher win in football yesterday. They quite handily beat the University of Illinois here on the Minnesota campus (27-7). Quite enjoyably, I got to watch the game on TV with an Illinois fan sitting only a few feet from me. I could hear him grinding his teeth, so I tried not to gloat.

These are not earth shaking events, but they make reading the sports pages in our local newspaper a lot more enjoyable on this Sunday morning. We haven’t had much good sports news hereabouts lately and we have generally buried our heads in the sand in embarrassment. Today, our chins are high.

On top of all that, the Gopher’s women’s basketball team won their game yesterday by a single point in the very last seconds of a contest with Virginia Tech. The women’s hockey team also got a victory over Harvard (2-1). The ladies are ranked number 2 in the nation right now. Good going ladies!

Go Gophers!

The Wild, our professional hockey team, is in the lead in the Western Conference of the National Hockey League with a record of 31 wins and 6 losses. I don’t know much about hockey, but my hockey friends are pleased with those numbers.

The Minnesota Vikings, in the National Football League, is a team we’d, well, rather not talk about. They play at Atlanta today.

It was a mighty fine half-hour I spent in the sports pages this morning. Now I must turn to the national and international news and to the stumbling, bumbling politicians. Ooooh!


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