Friday, November 18, 2011

What Happens if Super Committee Fails?

Super Committee? Super Committee? There’s no super committee at work for us in Congress! Your Super Committee is just another set of silly, irrational politicians!
by Charlie Leck

The Super Committee that now tries to come up with a way of balancing our national budget may be (probably is) misnamed! Super is indeed the wrong adjective in this case. They are pretty much just a bunch of sissy-assed, pansy chickens who are afraid of moving toward a compromise because they might lose their jobs if they do.

So there!

Senator Max Baucus (Montana) seems to be the only one of them with any common sense and he’s worked exceedingly hard in an attempt to reach an agreement. He’s also telling us how things really are:

“We’re at a time in American history where everybody’s afraid – afraid of losing their job – to move toward the center. A deadline is insufficient! You’ve got to have people who are willing to move.”

Super conservatives and super liberals are both afraid of angering their constituencies. Even though they likely believe the best and the right thing to do is to arrive at some kind of sensible compromise on these economic issues – cut back debt and raise revenue through increased taxes – they are not going to do it because they want to get reelected.

I tip my hat to an old high school classmate and friend who strongly proposes one term maximum service for any and all members of Congress – one term and that’s it! Then they won’t always be worrying about losing their next election and they’ll do what they know is right rather than what they think might get them reelected. In the end, he was right about this matter and I was wrong. I'm on his side now!

Everyone thinks the super committee has only 5 more days to get its work done. In fact, if they do absolutely nothing, there will be no changes to the budget until January 2013. [There’s an excellent article about the deadline in today’s Washington Post!] That will give everyone time to reconsider. It will also give all these congressional members time to take the temperature of the nation during the coming campaigns. If Congress can’t make sense and give us some progress, maybe the American people will; perhaps they’ll send a message to Representatives and Senators.

The overly emotional and irrational Tea Party has everyone in this country overly-riled up and that has got to be changed. I get the sense that the Tea Party has run its course and the common American voters are sick of the unyielding, angry movement. You can see it in the Republican’s debates; for there is incredible confusion over just whose ass these candidates are supposed to be kissing now. There are a lot of sick, silly and mentally challenged candidates seeking the Republican nomination. Paul is not included in that critique and neither is Romney; however, Romney is the only one of them that seems to be able to combine intelligence with sensibility. I hope to goodness he gets the nomination and then, perhaps, we’ll get sensible and rational debates during the coming campaign for President. I don’t think Mr. Paul (either father or son) would be well received in a presidential campaign; though I refuse to question either their intelligence or their sincerity.


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  1. The super committee was a super stupid idea in the first place. I'm betting that it morphs into the wimp committee.