Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Recommendation to Minnesotans

Here’s a blog that should you be on your regular-read list!
by Charlie Leck

I only recently discovered that former Governor Arne Carlson writes a regular blog. As I wrote here not too long ago, many Minnesotans feel that Arne is the best governor the state has ever had. I’m close to believing that. Anyway, I believe he’s the best governor in my Minnesota experience (that would make it since 1963).

If you want to read an intelligent blog, featuring reasonable politics and interesting anecdotes, I really recommend this blog: Governor Arne Carlson – especially if you are one of my Minnesota readers.

I had the pleasure of paling around with Arne for a number of years. He has an intense sense of humor, one of the greatest laughs in the world and also a deep sense of compassion. The first two characteristics are well-known. The third, for some reason, is unrevealed. And, let me tell you, this man knows politics!


“Work your grief up into art and it is gone!” [from a 1909 Roycroft Catalog]

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