Monday, January 14, 2013

Representative Bachmann Goes Silent

Stories in our local paper over the last few days seem to indicate that Representative Michele Bachmann has withdrawn into her shell and won’t be quickly coming out!
by Charlie Leck

Yes, it is the same woman, Michele Bachmann, who never seemed to know when to keep her mouth shut, who has now withdraw from public notice and we don’t seem to hear a peep out of her. What’s going on?

To that question, one can only guess! Perhaps she’s licking her 2012 election wounds and the wounds, perhaps, were more numerous than we ever imagined. She came within a whisker of defeat in her congressional district – even after said district had been redrawn in such a way that her election should have been more certain than ever. I have sources within the State Democratic Party who tell me that Bachmann could actually have been defeated had the Party been able to convince potential donors that her opponent was doing as well as he was. Jim Graves, who ran against Bachmann in the November election, had actually crept up on her in the polling and drawn sliver close to her. I didn’t believe it. I, like others, thought it was optimistic hopefulness and not reality. The local newspaper's polls were still showing Bachmann with a wide lead. Why, had I known Graves had really pulled nearly even with Bachmann, I would have been “in” in a second. I would have gotten the buggy out of the garage and headed for the Graves headquarters to find out what I could do – where I could beat on doors and to whom I could give money.

My sources, savvy and connected, are also telling me that Graves will run again in 2014 – this time with a more organized campaign and with solid backing from former non-believers (such as I).

Six months ago, I was championing the concept that Bachmann could not be beaten given the characteristics of that congressional district. I was certainly not responsible for Jim Graves’ inability to over-take the incumbent, but I was certainly no help either.

The Congresswoman’s district begins approximately one mile from my house (to the west). It wouldn’t have like killed me to mosey on over there, perhaps with checkbook in hand, to find out what I could have done to help.

Well, at the very least we put a scare in her, I’ll tell you what! It appears the old girl is still shaken up and she’s begun to wonder what she can do to repair herself as a candidate for reelection in 2014. It appears that someone has kicked over the tea kettle and there’s lots of embarrassment about the big dent that has been left in it.

Mr. Graves, I hope it is true that you will run again. I here and now pledge my support if you do. I do suggest, however, that you go ahead and buy a home just a mile or so west of me and settle in there so you can get to know your neighbors. You might just as well live in the district. You’ll still be close to downtown Minneapolis. And, I promise I’ll show you around and that you’ll fall in love with your neighbors.

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