Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The First Lady is First among First Ladies

I’m completely dazzled by the First Lady. I admire no one in America more than her. And, I’ve got this hopeless, old man’s crush on her!
by Charlie Leck

I don’t think I need to tell my regular readers, that no one should expect an unbiased or neutral expression of opinion out of me today – the day after the Inauguration of President Obama. If you do, forget it!

Here’s the simple truth about the inauguration from my perspective. Whenever I see the First Lady, Michelle Obama, all duded out, why, I’m like melted butter. I’m reduced to big alligator tears. My goodness, I love the woman! I’m crazy about her! She owns me completely.

What a grand woman and mother she seem to be! I gotta believe it! Look at her. She’s solid as a rock and so loving to her children and supportive of her man. Have you ever seen her looking flustered? My gracious, the woman is composed and totally stable.

And, is she bright or what? I watched all the activities yesterday and last evening just to catch little glimpses of Mrs. Obama. I didn’t care which dress, by which designer, she came out in last night at the inaugural balls. I knew she’d look spectacular whatever she wore.

How can a woman be so solid? It’s a foolish question! I’ve been around too many solid and spectacular women. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that she is a person who never loses it – that composure and rock-solid mind. Of course, she’s like real human beings and I know there are the moments when she gets exasperated – when she has to let a little anger out and when she can’t help but show her frustrations. I wouldn’t be able to admire her so much if I didn’t know she’s one-hundred percent a human being just like the rest of us.

So, yes, I cannot be impartial about President Obama. I wish he had a more cooperative Congress. If he did, we’d see tremendous advancements in human rights. And, we’d see solid tax reform that would allow us to pay our past and present bills. Obama knows that the way out of our financial troubles is to heat America up and get it rolling again – get all able Americans working again and education doing what it should do.

Obama is a dreamer, yes! Thank goodness! I want to be led by a dreamer with a grand and glowing vision for America. This president has got just that. And, he’s got a gorgeous wife who supports him as solidly as we could ever imagine. And, I’m betting that she is also his most trusted adviser.

Did you get some good looks at her yesterday? Man, what a woman!


P.S. Watching so much of the inaugural festivities yesterday introduced me to a host of spectacular people I didn’t know very much about; and I was really, really impressed. I came away from the day feeling very positive about America. We’ve got some awfully wonderful people in this nation and we’re going to be in good hands for a long, long time – especially if we can shake the immense negativism of the Tea Party movement. I'll mention just a few of these extraordinaries...

  1. Richard Blanco, Inaugural Poet: He's not a great poet (yet) but he has a big and open heart filled with love and understanding. He was right-on, yesterday and his words were important for us to hear: "One sun rose on us today, kindled over our shores, peeking over the Smokies, greeting the faces of the great lakes, spreading a simple truth across the great plains, and charging across the Rockies....)

    You can find full text of the poem and see a video of his reading here...
  2. Brendon Ayanbadejo, Baltimore Ravens linebacker, who championed the right for gay couples to marry in the Maryland election this past autumn. I listened to a long interview of this young man and I was deeply impressed by his steady composure and his sympathetic understanding for people who are treated unjustly. This is one guy you are going to hear plenty about outside of football.
  3. Alicia Keys, entertainer and singer who did a special rendition of one of her songs: Obama's on Fire! "He's the President and he's on fire!" Ms. Keys is an impressive singer, but she's also a very mature woman and thinker who will be a leader in the move to better our nation. I listened to a couple of interviews of her and I'm proud that she's a fellow-American.
  4. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor swore in Vice President Joe Biden and smiled widely and happily as she did. Ms. Sotomayor is an amazing story of American success -- evidence that it can still be done in this great nation. I heard her interviewed twice during the day and she absolutely demonstrated in clear tones her impressive intelligence and her extraordinary compassion. San Diego Mayor, Julian Castro, like Ms. Sotomayor, a Latino, was also very impressive in the numerous interviews of him. Here's an interesting and uplifting story from the Huffington Post about the many extraordinary Latino citizens who impressed over the weekend.

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