Monday, January 7, 2013

The Heart of Winter

Here in Minnesota, the heart of winter is upon us.
by Charlie Leck

We will have a few days reprieve. Temperatures this week are to be in the thirties. This is mild and that kind of weather is appreciated here by all except the ice-fishing crowd and the cross-country skiers and the skaters and the snowmobilers.

It is beautiful here now. I have posted above a photograph that our youngest kid took while she was home for the long holiday break. She is studying right now at the International Center for Photography in Manhattan.

Her photograph above, reminds me of this line I just read in a Rainer Maria Rilke poem…

“Oh tall tree of our knowing, shedding its leaves;
It’s a matter now of facing the preponderance
of sky appearing through its branches.”


“Can’t see the forest for the trees…”
It’s amazing that 67 members of the House of Representatives last week voted against a relief package for those East Coast locations damaged by Hurricane Sandy. All 67 were Republicans.

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