Friday, February 21, 2014

Like a Chicken Running Around…

“They are running around like chickens with their heads cut off,” my old man used to like to say. Right now he could easily say that about the Republican Party.
by Charlie Leck
Will the American people look at the Republican Party realistically? Here is a party that refused to take action on tax reform even though it considers it one of the most important issues in the nation. Why? They don’t want to act because they don’t want to upset the already fractious political party.
For the same reason, the Republicans don’t want to go near a new immigration policy, which for years they have contended needs rehabilitation.
Basically, the Republican Party has decided not to legislate in any significant way between now and Election Day in November. This, they have reasoned, is the safe thing to do. This way they won’t upset any apple carts or incur the wrath of the American people.
Nor will the Republican Party have any noteworthy conversations (a.k.a. debates) about any significant or controversial issues.
Now listen-up folks! This is your modern day Republican Party! Do they make you proud? I do not believe that this party has had so few confident and approving followers in its history. Highly respected polls show that less than 20 percent of all Americans have “confidence in congressional Republicans.”
As the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, said to his fellow Republicans: “We are not going to make ourselves the story!”
This does not exactly make current Republicans candidates for “Profiles in Courage.”
“Geez, Louise,” as my old man would have said, “what yellow bellied cowards!”
But, then, this is not your father’s Republican Party. This is not a party of leadership. This party is only interested in electoral survival.
Economic conditions – providing significant jobs in big numbers – is considered the number one concern of American voters at this particular time; however, Republicans are avoiding any kind of cooperation with Democrats that might improve the economy before the coming election. If this statement, which I have just made, is true, then Republicans should hang their collective heads in absolute shame. Voters in November will make up their minds about whether this statement is actually true.
Here’s where I think the Republicans have screwed up. They are going to lose more of the immigrant vote, more of the senior vote, and more of the non-politically associated vote.
The general rule in a non-presidential election year is that the party not in control of the White House will be big winners. This year could well be an exception to that general rule; and the Republicans will have only themselves to blame.


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  1. True, but the Democrats seem to be satisfied with pointing out Republican obstructionism rather than being aggressive leaders. As my father used to say, "that leaves us holding the bag".