Monday, February 3, 2014

Disregard that Earlier Blog

The magnificent George Washington Bridge that spans the Hudson Riverbetween New Jersey and New York City. My maternal grandfather, FrankSvejda, was a bridge painter for the City of New York and this bridge waspainted by a brush-in-hand back in those days. He would tell me stories about goingup the long, sweeping piping and holding on to the cables as he went.“When we finished painting it,” he told me, “we’d go back to the other endand start again.”
Ooops! I do believe I misspoke about Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. He’s just another one of those hacks that NJ keeps producing.
by Charlie Leck
Back in December (Friday, the 13th), I wrote here that Chris Christie is the likely Republican candidate for the White House in 2016. Oh, boy! Now, the big guy has gone and proverbially shot himself in the foot and it looks like he’s not going to heal up. Christie is getting that wounded foot deeper and deeper into NJ mud and further and further into his mouth; and he may not be able to get it out.
David Wildstein, a former high school classmate of the governor’s and the number two man at the NJ Port Authority, came out with a statement in the last few days that stated very clearly that the Governor Christie knew about those highway lane closings leading to the George Washington Bridge “as they were happening!”
Of course, the Governor has denied that and launched counter-attacks against Mr. Wildstein. It’s another wild-ass shot that may hit the Governor in his other foot or someplace even worse.
Remember, only back in December, Governor Christie released a whole bunch of glowing comments about Mr. Wildstein – the same Wildstein who has now insisted that “evidence exists” that shows Governor Christie knew precisely about the lane closings plan.
I wonder if y’all will allow me to retract my blog of 13 December 2013 and let me rethink the matter of who it might be who will run for U.S. President among the Republicans in the next election. The door is wide open again to all suitors and a number of them are very happy because Christie was much too moderate for most of them.
As for Christie, he’s looking dumber and dumber as time goes by here. If this had happened in any other state, I wouldn’t believe it. In NJ, however, we’re used to it.


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  1. Considering the alternatives that the GOP has, Christie comes up smelling like a rose in spite the bridgegate stink.