Friday, December 13, 2013

GOP in 2016

Who will the Grand Old Party give us as a presidential candidate in the next election? Have they got anyone who could win besides Governor Chris Christy of New Jersey?
by Charlie Leck

What Republican, besides Governor Christy of New Jersey, really has much of a chance of being elected to the presidency of the United States? There may be someone out there who is totally unexpected.

The young man from Florida, Senator Rubio, used to be thought of as a serious candidate. He’s shown himself to be frivolous and nearly silly over the last several months. He barks the Tea Party line even when it is completely and obviously silly and untrue stuff. He doesn’t appear to have a serious mind and I don’t think he is at all an independent thinker. He’s a long way from presidential timbre.

Paul Ryan, who was the VP candidate on the Republican ticket in 2012 should probably be considered a possibility. I think the Democrats would love it because he can’t seem to do much more than stutter when you get him outside of talking finances. He suddenly become much more compromising in his approach to legislation and he’s trying to act like a grown-up.

Rand Paul, I would certainly think, is too politically narrow in perspective and way too far on the right. Being far removed from the center of American politics has long proved to be a serious deficiency for a candidate. It was, of course, Michel Bachmann’s problem when she tried to run.

Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas, says he’s keeping an open door about joining the race for the Republican endorsement. Huckabee won the Iowa caucus in 2008 and then ran out of money. Republicans wonder where he’ll find enough money to run this time. Huckabee is conservative and religious (former Christian pastor). Beyond that, he’s pretty well unknown and I’d say his chances are like tinker’s. Most political experts don’t think he’ll run.

At the moment it looks like Governor Christy has a clear path to the nomination. He’s a moderate Republican with a good track record as Governor. We’ll just have to wait and see how things might change. He could rob the Dems of states they normally take for granted. On the other hand, he could lose some southern states that the Republicans always count on winning.

The amazing GOP has been so foolish in the last couple of elections, it is liable to be so again in 2016. The party leaders just can’t seem to get a sense of what the electorate really wants in a candidate.


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