Saturday, December 7, 2013

War in the Name of Jesus or Muhammad!

From Bangui, in the Central African Republic, come gruesome stories of horrible atrocities against Christian citizens there. The Associated Press reports that it is “mostly Muslim fighters” who are going door to door, finding and slaughtering Christians. Many Muslims there have declared that Christians are their enemy.
by Charlie Leck

The French government has sent military troops into the nation in an attempt to quell the violence. Reports, however, indicate that the capital city “teetered on the brink of total anarchy.” French armored vehicles have begun to patrol the streets.

The troops and equipment from France have taken some fire, including from a rocket grenade.

The United Nations, which approved the French mission, is scheduled to address the crisis in further meetings next week. The Central African Republic is one of Africa’s poorest nations. A great deal of rape of Christian women has also been reported.

What could be worse than religious wars?
I tremble when I think of religious warfare. It always seems to degenerate into the cruel and most vicious form of war. And, I am not accusing Muslims alone of such methods of war. History has shown that Christians can be just as violent and cruel as well.

Such news makes those of us who don’t consider ourselves very religious to shake our heads in wonder and disgust at the cruelty of man against his brother. There is no religious justification for such warfare. For that matter, there is no civil or social justification for it either.

Thousands upon thousands of more people turn away from religion each time the world reports such incidents as those now reported in Africa. OMG!

I leave you with this poem by F. Spagnoli, called God’s War

“What God has torn asunder
No man shall join together”.
A lapse? A slip of the tongue
It was most certainly not.
The phrase was purposely swung
to set up God against god,
good against the ‘evil ones.’
The mantra of a union
turned into a cry for guns,
for crimson separation.


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